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3 Great Reasons Why SARM Pills Are Better Than Liquid

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If you’re anything like most people, chances are you’d like to not just get the best bang for your buck when it comes to the selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMS that you’re going for, but also maximize the good stuff that you get from them with each dose you take.

A Quick Primer on Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMS

Selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMS were originally formulated to combat the adverse effects of sarcopenia, an age-related disease that gradually lessened the amount of muscle tissue in the body. Based on medical tests, SARMS can help promote increase muscle and bone density when consistently used in recommended doses. Further clinical studies reveal that they can also have a big contribution in regulating fat buildup and cutting back water retention in the body. Well, it didn’t take long before SARMS made their way in the bodybuilding world for their awesome muscle building and fat controlling benefits. The most popular varieties of SARMS that you can get your hands on these days to boost your chances of achieving the bodybuilding goals in your checklist include LGD-4033, GW 501516 (Cardarine), S4 (Andarine) and Ostarine (MK-2866).

So Which Form of SARMS Should You Use?

But the thing is there is still an ongoing debate in terms of which SARM form really does give you the ideal amount of beneficial components that can help you achieve the results that you’re looking for in terms of getting serious gains and staving off fat buildup when you load up on it. On one hand, there’s the liquid SARM, while we’ve got its capsulated cousin on the other. Now while there are only these two major choices, a lot of dedicated bodybuilders and fitness buffs are still having a very tough time deciding which one to go for. However, we’ve managed to pull together some very compelling reasons why you should pick capsulated SARMS if you’re really looking to get the most of out of your dose each and every time. Make sure you follow along to find out more. Why Capsulated SARMS are Better Reason #1:

They effectively keep active ingredients potent.

Perhaps the biggest difference between capsulated and liquid SARMS is their consistency. The former is dense and hard-packed, while the latter is basically completely liquid. Although a lot of people argue that liquid SARMS are more convenient to take because of their no-fuss dosing application, they’re overlooking one key factor that can easily make or break the success of their SARM use: some active ingredients tend to lose their strength and efficacy in liquid form. Sure they may still be in there when you take a liquid SARM, but you won’t be getting the ideal amounts the good stuff that your body needs in the process. Why Capsulated SARMS are Better Reason #2:

They don’t break down easily in the stomach.

See, the beneficial ingredients in SARMS are basically absorbed by the body through the digestive system. They stay in the stomach for a short period of time before being metabolized and distributed to where they’re needed. Capsulated SARMS are designed to break down longer and harder to ensure that all their beneficial ingredients will be absorbed by the system. Moreover, they are not inclined to disintegrate when they get in contact with stomach acid. As for their liquid counterparts, most of their useful ingredients are predisposed to merge with the food being digested in the stomach straight away as soon as they get there, which means that you won’t be getting what you’re hoping for with each dose. Why Capsulated SARMS are Better Reason #3:

They only contain the right ingredients.

What’s good for you doesn’t necessarily have to taste good or have no taste at all. This is the biggest reason why liquid SARMS are commonly formulated to contain unnecessary fillers like artificial flavors and similar additives to conceal the unpleasant tastes and smells that most of its beneficial ingredients naturally have. If you’ve been taking capsulated SARMS for a while now, I’m pretty sure that you’ve noticed that they frequently have a certain smell and taste to them that you don’t quite find appealing. That’s basically the useful stuff your body needs to stay in tiptop shape as well as take its overall function up a notch.


All in all, capsulated SARMS are no doubt the smarter and more beneficial choice when it comes to your supplementation needs. Besides being more resilient and effective, they also give you much more bang for your buck with every dose.

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2 thoughts on “3 Great Reasons Why SARM Pills Are Better Than Liquid

  1. buckfutter says:

    In order for a product to be legally sold as a ‘research chemical’, it has to be in LIQUID form. That means that a pill SARM is either a) being sold illegally or more likely b) isn’t even the SARM it’s advertised to be. What is actually in the pill is anybody’s guess.

  2. Michael Copeland says:

    Weak arguments. No evidence based research to support your conclusions. I’m still on the fence not convinced

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