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  • Andromax
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  • Last modified: December 6, 2019

Review Summary:

Finally, an Andro product that will deliver serious mass building results, Andromax is packed full of 50 mg of Andro compound. This is the strongest Andro product on the market today, users can expect to see gains of up to 8 pounds of muscle in as little as 4 weeks. If you are looking to get big and nasty this product is the one for you. Andromax will not only help you build muscle it will help support testosterone levels and help support healthy joints.

AndroMax by Spartan Nutrition

How badly do you want to gain an insane amount of muscle?

Aren’t you sick of always being shy of your goals?

Don’t you want to get that sick shredded and ripped look of a warrior?

When dry, cut, and lean muscle gains are what you’re after, AndroMax by Spartan Nutrition is the answer.

AndroMax by Spartan Nutrition is a super effective anabolic agent that provides you with serious results and none of the horror story side effects. Many bodybuilders have trusted AndroMax by Spartan Nutrition because of the rapid and incredible results they achieve.

AndroMax by Spartan Nutrition contains Androsterone, a long-used prohormone that boosts testosterone levels as well as lean tissue gains. AndroMax by Spartan Nutrition also contains a unique delivery system that ensures the Androsterone is properly delivered and assimilated without waste.

In the end, you get the results you want without the risky side effects associated with steroids. Achieve incredible gains now with AndroMax by Spartan Nutrition.



  • Pro-anabolic / Anti-catabolic
  • Amplify testosterone
  • Boost lean muscle mass
  • Increase strength
  • Support recovery
  • Dry / Lean / Cut muscle gains


Attain the body of a Spartan warrior with the super anabolic AndroMax from Spartan Nutrition.

Androsterone is a phormone that first came to the shelves back in the 90s. Being non-methylated, Androsterone is a mild and safe phormone offering impressive gains while keeping your liver and other organs protected and unharmed.

Andromax by Sparta Nutrition and the manufacturer claims it to be the strongest Androsterone you can find in the stores nowadays. Being a new formula, we were of course intrigued so we decided to check it out and learn more about its composition, find out pure and well dosed it may be, hear more about the experience of people who already used it and simply create a more complete picture of this supplement.

Here is what we found out!

What Does Andromax Do?

Being based on Androsterone, Andromax offers the following effects:

  • Lean muscle mass gains
  • Improved recovery time
  • Enhanced strength
  • Water retention reduction
  • Confidence and libido boost
  • No bloating

What’s In Andromax?

The main problem with most phormones is the fact they consist extracts which are banned from legal use. Andromax does not have similar issues, as the list of ingredients is completely legal, as you can see below:

  • Androsterone (3α-hydroxy-5α-androstan-17-on): Steroid phormone which converts to Stanolone without the possibility of converting to Estrogen. Androsterone activates the central nervous system and causes huge gains in strength and muscle mass which come along with increased aggression and male sexual drive. Androsterone has been one of the more popular prohormones on the market for quite a few years now in numerous other products.
  • Tetrasorb Advanced Delivery Matrix: Capsule technology which uses an intensified layer to increase the capsule’s strength. It is made up of two absorption enhancers and two metabolic modulators to keep the maximum potency of ingredients displaying slow-released kinetics at the same time. Tetrasorb is one of the finest supplement delivery technologies currently available.

Here is the complete supplement label with all the ingredients of the Tetrasorb and the Androsterone dosage:

Andromax Supplement Facts

Andromax Supplement Facts

Does Andromax Work?

Having a powerful androgenic effect and activating the central nervous system, Andromax guarantees inevitable strength and lean muscle gains. The increase in weight will be minimal, but you will start seeing your mass convert from fat to muscle quite exponentially. Additionally, you will experience great increases in libido, aggression and strength all of which will ultimately make you perform better at the gym but also in life in general.

Being so new to the market, it is hard to find too many user testimonials on the product but based on the fact the product uses Androsterone with a special delivery matrix, there is no reason to doubt that Andromax will live up to Sparta Nutrition’s claims. What’s even more, Andromax is a solid stacking prohormone, which means you can add even more power to your cycle by stacking it with other prohormones.

How Do I Take Andromax?

It is recommended to take five capsules evenly spread throughout the day during your Andromax cycle.  It is recommended to run a cycle of 4 to 6 weeks at a time followed up by Post Cycle Therapy. Exceeding the dosage or cycle length is not recommended and you will be doing so at your own risk. It is also not recommended to use Andromax if you are pregnant or nursing or under any type of medical treatment.

Side Effects

Andromax is based on Androsterone and this means it is not methylated and cannot convert to Estrogen. These are both great things when it comes to a prohormone as they mean your internal organs will not experience damage from using nor will you experience Estrogen related side effects such as gyno or loss of libido. While loss of hair and acne outbreaks are both possible, Andromax does not seem to cause these too often so you should not worry too much about the side effects. If they do occur, make sure you discontinue use immediately unless you don’t mind the acne.

Final Verdict

Andromax is a very new formula and because of this you will hardly find too many testimonials from other users out there. That said, we are talking Androsterone here and the compound is well known in the industry and has been tested time and time again and showed great results.

Androsterone in Andromax is accompanied by the revolutionary Tetrasorb Delivery Matrix which makes sure every last mg of Androsterone in it is actually made available to your muscles, which means even more strength, aggression and muscle gains than you saw with other Androsterone products in the past.

One thing we know for sure is that Androsterone is a great prohormone that has helped thousands of people gain significant muscle in the past and we can expect that Andromax will do the same for thousands more. We have learned to trust Sparta Nutrition when they say a product works, so there is no reason to really doubt them now.

If you do end up ordering Andromax, please let us know how you did in the comments section below as we greatly appriciate your feedback and our community needs to hear what you have to say.

Q & A

Do I need to take On Cycle Support when using 1-Androsterone?

  • With any anabolic hormone, on cycle support is very necessary. A premium on cycle support is not necessary but a basic cycle support like Protex Cycle Assist and Liver Protection will be sufficient for a cycle of 1-Andro.


Do I need to do Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) when using 1-Androsterone?

  • Yes, you will need to do a PCT. After any cycle your body has built a dependency on the compound and thus your natural production of testosterone will be much lower, PCT will help to normalize your hormone levels. Additionally, PCT is important to reduce any estrogen your body may have produced. It is necessary to cleanse your liver after completing a cycle, regardless if the compound is methylated or not.



Androsterone is a powerful anabolic agent that has been the go-to supplement for anyone who is looking to boost muscle gains, increase strength, amplify testosterone levels, and see lean, dry gains.


I have been using this product per instructions on label. One tablet in morning and one tablet in evening. It starts to build in your system immediately. You can feel a quick increase in strength during use. I did not have any shut down at all using product as recommended. If you increase dosage I have no doubt it could cause shut down quickly. It is a great product for anyone trying to build strength but especially anyone in late 30s and up. It will boost up your libido and strength. Its a great product.”


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