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What is the Best Post Cycle Therapy Regimen? (Top 3 Options)

Post cycle therapy is the process designed for the bodybuilders who regularly use anabolic steroids. This crucial part of the journey of any bodybuilder is frequently overlooked.

Everybody wants to focus on this cycle because the post cycle therapy is considered something you need to do before going to the next cycle. But this is not true. With post cycle therapy, it is as essential as your cycle. When you run the steroid cycle, the body stops producing natural testosterone.

And there is no more confusion than any other part of a steroid cycle than with post cycle therapy. Here in this article, we will cover the best post cycle therapy options for you, depending on what you’ve taken that will be most effective.


Clomid is the best post cycle therapy. It works effectively for men who want to recover hormonal secretion in their bodies. Basically, it is a SERM that offers athletes the best strength after they have used anabolic steroids. To men, Clomid works by stimulating testosterone and reducing the level of estrogen.

This therapy provides no side effects, but rather the most potent post cycle therapy option after Nolvadex. This is a valid treatment for muscle catabolism, loss of the muscle mass and the breakdown of muscle fibers. This condition may immensely damage the bodybuilders who need the right channel to prevent muscle mass loss. Milddosage of Clomid is the best way for post cycle therapy after SARMs and anabolic steroids.


Nolvadex has a good effect on assisting in restoring the hormonal system but has a slight effect when compared to Clomid. Precisely, it is the estrogen modulator used in treating and helping to prevent breast cancer, which needs a prescription. Naturally, this drug increase testosterone production. Nolvadex is an effective and safe way to restore the creation of natural hormones in the body. The generic name of Nolvadex is tamoxifen citrate, used by women when treating hormonal disorders.

Combination of Nolvadex and Clomid

You have seen anabolic steroids be stacked on top of each other, which combine two or more steroids simultaneously. The supplements of post cycle therapy can be used in combination, and in some cases we highly suggest it. Nolvadex and Clomid can be used where bodybuilders are actually between these two therapies. There are some men commonly who use this combination who need stronger effects, and who believe that there is less potent with Nolvadex than Clomid; therefore, combination therapy is chosen.

A sample PCT regimen that works best would be:

  • 20 mg Letrozole taken twice daily
  • 20 mg Nolvadex took three times per day.


HCG, which in full name human chorionic gonadotropin can be defined as the natural peptide hormone that develops in the pregnant women placenta during pregnancy to control the hormones of the mother. Nevertheless, it is also the natural stimulant for Leydig cells in testes. Leydig cells are responsible for the production of testosterone. HCG works like luteinizing hormone, which tells Leydig cells to produce more testosterone. Normally, during the long cycles of prohormones or steroids, it is good to use HCG to recover the atrophied testicles and maintain testicular size. HCG is used best like the precursor to the Post cycle therapy since it restores the level of testosterone production in the testicles.


If you are planning to go for to-the-counter, there are particular ingredients that you need to look for and others that you need to avoid. Nevertheless, it can be easier to get, since these are not SERMs that require a prescription. First, you will need the natural testosterone booster that are herbal compounds which increase the production of natural testosterone. Compounds like Fenugreek and Tribulus Terrestris are outstanding, with fewer or no side effects.

Another thing you need in the over-the-counter supplement is the aromatase inhibitor. Typically, this compound diminishes the enzyme called aromatase that converts testosterone to form estrogen. Taking post cycle therapy with artificial intelligence helps natural testosterone levels to return to normal much faster.

Post Cycle Therapy Benefits

Taking into account that you have done well, cycling off any steroid you had used has a great health benefit. This is bringing you to the normal levels of hormone production. Provided you haven’t had a post cycle therapy for a long time, post cycle therapy supplements allow the body to create its hormones. Essentially, this is vital because you don’t have the synthetic hormones before.

Post cycle therapy helps prevent the adverse side effects of prohormones or steroids. Continued use of prohormones or steroids will lead to testicles shrinking, aggressiveness, and hair loss, among others. Be sure to evaluate your levels of testosterone before starting the cycle, and at the end of the cycle. Also, you can check after post cycle therapy so that you can get an idea of ​​how much the body has changed.

If you cycle off and on effectively, avoid the side effects of the cycle and keep the level of natural testosterone intact. Obviously, post cycle therapy is a preservation of the profits obtained with great effort. It accelerates the production of natural hormones which help in fat loss and saves the muscle gain during the cycle.

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