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What is the Best SARM of 2020?

If you’re wondering what SARM to use, And which one is best for you and your goals then keep reading.

Today will go over what is the best SARM in 2020 in terms of effectiveness, potency, and lack of side effects.

There are currently over 15 SARMs available right now. Here are the ones we think are the very best…

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Best SARM for Cutting & Fat Loss

If you’re looking to lose weight or drastically decrease your body fat then the perfect SARM for you to use right now is going to be GW 501516. (although technically a PPAR Agonist)

This powerful compound is currently being researched in clinical trials on obese patients who find it hard to lose weight. Not only is this SARM showing positive results it is also non-catabolic.

So unlike Clenbuterol, GW 501516 will bring you all the best fat loss benefits but without the muscle wasting side effects.

Cardarine also has very little side effects and improves athletic performance and stamina to new levels.

GW 501516 is the best SARM for anyone looking to cut down body fat, improve endurance and even lose weight while maintaining and improving strength.

Best SARM for Bulking & Muscle Building

SARMs work by targeting the androgen receptors in the body and as a result cause growth in muscle tissue.

The best SARM for muscle building so far in 2020 has got to be RAD140, or Testolone.

It’s showing dramatic muscle-building potential in the people who use it and in clinical trials.

It’s the most potent once we’ve seen yet, even being studied as a possible treatment for muscle wasting in older patients.

It’s a very potent muscle builder and yet remains to show any sign of negative effects or suppression like you’d see with stronger anabolic steroids.

Click here to learn more about RAD140.

Best SARM for Strength

If you’re looking to improve your strength levels and want to avoid getting too much bigger, the best SARM for you to take would be LGD 4033.

It’s known for causing a thickening of the muscle fibers and making the user very strong in a short amount of time.

It’s also perfect to stack with something like GW501516 because it will allow you to not only maintain but increase your strength levels by stacking something like LGD during a cut.


Out of all of the SARMs currently available in 2020, These are the best ones worth mentioning and will help you to quickly achieve your goals.
Some runner ups are MK2866 a milder SARM, and MK 677, an HGH secretagogue.

There are new trials and studies still going on today in 2020 and beyond, and we are still learning more and more about each SARM and which ones will bring the best effects inside the lab and in the gym.

I’m sure this article will change as current research does as well.

Do you agree with us? Which SARMs have you taken and which one do you think are the best?

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