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  • Beastdrol V3

    After broad exploration and re-definition, Beastdrol returned as Beastdrol v3! At that point, another round of prohormone and steroid bannings left Beastdrol v3 injured on the field of fight. Battered, thumped and, yet not yet out…The Beast is BACK!
    Arimistane, 1 DHEA
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  • Focus

    STACK IT for Fat Loss! If fat loss (or weight loss) is your #1 goal then LEAN-CUT + FOCUS will provide an unparalleled transformation — simply due to the extra activity-promoting and appetite suppressing effect of FOCUS. If massive muscle gain or lean muscle gain is your goal then MAX-BULK ...
    5 DHEA, 5 PREG
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  • Super DMZ 5.0

    Super DMZ 5.0 is no doubt the strongest legal prohormone in the market and here's why. First of all, Super DMZ 5.0 is manufactured by IronMag Labs, one of the leading supplement manufacturing giants. Secondly, it is made up of strong Super Andro Matrix. This is a combination of Super-4 ...
    4 dhea, 5 dhea
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  • Super Nor Andro RX

    Most of the time, prohormone supplements are made mainly for men. Unfair isn't it? But not anymore. Here comes another product from the known IronMag Labs – Super Nor Andro RX. This powerful anabolic prohormone is safe for both men and women. It promotes fat control, prohibits estrogen conversion, and boosts muscle ...
    19 Nor DHEA, Decasterone
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  • Epi-andro, 4-DHEA, DIM
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