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  • D-Nol, Methyldiazirinol, DMZ
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  • Black Magic

    BLACK MAGIC by MedFit RX, Inc. Each tab contains: MAX LMG 50mg DMZ 20mg RAD 140 15mg LGD 5mg MSTEN 6mg GW 501516 15mg  
    Max LMG, DMZ, RAD140, LGD4033, M-Sten, GW501516
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  • DMZ, M-Sten, Methyl-1AD
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  • Dycardrol DHMA

    MEDFIT RX.. leading the Prohormone SARMaceutical market with industry leading innovation in product development. DYCARDROL:  DYmethazine  CARdarine liganDROL 1 PROHORMOME 2 SARMs 3 METABOLIC BOOSTERS 4 STIMULANTS equals one bad ass supplement!

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  • Max LMG, DMZ, Methyl 1-AD, M-Sten
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    The Ultimate 5 Compound Mass Stack in a Sublingual Powder For Rapid Delivery. Pharmaceutical Grade Raws – Tested 99% Pure.
    Max LMG, DMZ, Methyl 1-AD, M-Sten
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  • Max LMG, Deca, M-Sten, Dymethazine
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  • Methyl 1-AD, DMZ, Cyanostane
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