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  • Jacked the Ripper

    Be ready to be jacked and ripped off! Shred fats and build lean muscles with Jacked the Ripper by MedFit Rx. One scoop of tasty watermelon flavor a day is all you need to have you physically and mentally ready for an optimum workout. Each Serving Contains: GLUTAMINE: serves as building blocks for proteins. CARNITINE: […]

    • Compounds: Epiandrosterone, 7-KETO, S4, GW501516
  • KING

    The Ultimate 5 Compound Mass Stack. Pharmaceutical Grade Raws – Tested 99% Pure.

    • Compounds: Max LMG, DMZ, Methyl 1-AD, M-Sten

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    We finally got our hands on it…ANDRO FACTORY’s LEAN-CUT is the original fat shredding BEAST that contains real 11-KETO DHEA and 7-DHEA.

    Both have minimal androgenic and estrogenic activity all synergistically balanced with ANDRO FACTORY’s signature CP+R.

    $89.99 $30.00
    • Compounds: 11 DHEA, 7 DHEA
  • Sup3r 2

    Sup3r-2 is a potent bulking and recomping prohormone that will help you gain significant amounts of lean muscle mass. And since it doesn't aromatize when metabolized by the body, you're sure to keep clear from nasty side effects like gyno, sailing blood pressure levels and similar issues while at it as well.

    • Compounds: 2 dhea
  • Super DMZ 5.0

    Super DMZ 5.0 is no doubt the strongest legal prohormone in the market and here’s why.First of all, Super DMZ 5.0 is manufactured by IronMag Labs, one of the leading supplement manufacturing giants. Secondly, it is made up of strong Super Andro Matrix. This is a combination of Super-4 Andro, Super-4 Andro, and Super 5-Andro.

    By these three alone, it can already promise these following:

    • Catalyst of androgenic and anabolic effects
    • Significant testosterone increase
    • Improve Libido
    • Increase muscle mass and strength
    • Estrogen control
    • Increase in DHT levels
    • Promotes anti-catabolic activities
    • Improve focus and mental wellness
    • Rapid fat burn
    • Decreases cortisol levels
    • Improve Immune System
    • Overall mood wellness

    All of these you can experience by taking Super DMZ 5.0. Not only is it legal, but also it promises minimal to zero side effects.

    • Compounds: 4 dhea, 5 dhea
  • Super Nor Andro RX

    Most of the time, prohormone supplements are made mainly for men. Unfair isn’t it? But not anymore. Here comes another product from the known IronMag Labs – Super Nor Andro RX. This powerful anabolic prohormone is safe for both men and women. It promotes fat control, prohibits estrogen conversion, and boosts muscle build. But not just muscle build, but lean muscle build.

    It is composed mainly of 19 Nor DHEA (aka Decasterone), a chemical component that greatly reduces the side-effects that can be brought about by DHT such as prostate issues, baldness and as well as estrogen related issues such as gynecomastia.

    Although, as detailed above, Super Nor Andro RX shows that it is safe to use and has minimal to zero side effects, it is only advised to be used by healthy 21-years olds and above. It is of course, not for the use of expectant mothers.


    • Compounds: 19 Nor DHEA, Decasterone
  • Testrozone

    • Helps Support Vitality
    • Powered by Laxogenin® & Icariin®
    • Clean gel, no scent or residue & dries quickly
    • Rapid superior absorption

    Laxogenin® is an anabolic building block that is derived from plants and it can be used by the body to create its own proteins. It does this by increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, creating an anabolic environment in the body that gives the effects of increased muscle strength and mass, endurance, recovery, and lean gains. Laxogenin® also helps to inhibit cortisol – a nasty hormone we get from both mental and physical stress, which signals the body to store fat and burn muscle.

    Icariin® is a natural compound classified as a prenylated flavonol glycoside, a type of flavonoid. The compound has been isolated from several species of plant belonging to the genus Epimedium which are commonly known as Horny Goat Weed.

  • Tr3st

    Tr3st comes comes a very powerful prohormone by Olympus UK, one of the leading supplement providers around the globe. Tr3st is composed mainly of Trestolone in its purest, strongest, most potent quantity. Trestolone is known to have 10 times stronger effects than testosterone. In return, it ensures a demi-god body with clean lean cut and strength.With Tr3st, you will gain undoubtedly these key benefits:

    • Fuller Muscles and Rapid Strength Increase
    • Extreme Strength Gains and Muscles Gains
    • Crush Plateaus

    Each bottle comes with 120 capsules of 25mg packed of Trestolone


    $84.99 $74.99
    • Compounds: Trestolone
  • Trestolone

    MedFit Rx Trestolone Supplement Facts

    Serving Size: 1 Tablet

    Trestolone 40mg


    Pharmaceutical Grade Trestolone – Tested 99% Pure.

    • Compounds: Trestolone

    Trippalone is a unique combination of ingredients that makes gaining mass a piece of cake. Trippalone utilizes both natural and hormonal ingredients to address multiple anabolic pathways that will catapult growth to a new level.
    • Compounds: Turkesterone, Androsterone, LGD-4033

    Sublingual Tablets

    1 Tablet Contains a 300mg Blend of:

    • Phytogenine
    • Laxogenin Phytosome
    • Epiandrosterone
    • 7-Keto DHEA
    • Estrostane (androst-3,5-diene-7,17-dione)
    • 3,3′-diindolymethane (DIM)

    PLUS, a 160mg blend that makes up MedFit RX’s CycloSorb Delivery system.

    • Compounds: Epi-andro, 4-DHEA, DIM
  • Winswole

    MedFit Rx Winswole Supplement Facts

    Serving Size: 1 Tablet

    Methylstenbolone 10mg


    Pharmaceutical Grade Methylstenbolone – Tested 99% Pure.

    • Compounds: Methylstenbolone