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Using Clomid for Your Next Post Cycle Therapy

Using Clomid for PCT after a cycle of anabolic steroids is a very popular and effective regimen. Also, known as Clomiphene Citrate, Clomid is a powerful SERM used by professional athletes during their post cycle therapy for many reasons.

In this post, we’ll give you the lowdown on how to appropriately use Clomid and get the PCT results you want, keep your gains, and control your estrogen levels like a pro.

What is Clomid?

Clomid is a HPTA stimulator and type of synthetic estrogen drug formulated to improve ovulation among women experiencing infertility issues and erratic menstruation. Known in the pharmaceutical world as Clomiphene Citrate, it has been around since the 1960’s and became quite a celebrity in the medical field over the years due to its efficacy.

Now while Serophene is considered as one of the more “official” generic names of Clomid, it has earned quite a lot of online monikers over time like Clostillbegyt, Clofert, Clomed, Ovinum, Terpafen, Liquid Clomid and Serpafar.

Interestingly, Clomid’s street cred went up a notch higher when a rather unique ability of this drug was discovered by bodybuilders. Besides helping block cell estrogen receptors to prevent aromatase enzymes from turning testosterone into estrogen in the bloodstream, Clomid also optimizes the body’s overall testosterone production after an anabolic cycle.

Clomid is also prescription-only, so many people look for online websites like Napsgear to get some.

How it Works

Based on the results of several clinical studies, Clomid has been seen to stimulate the body to churn out gonadotrophic hormones, realign its testosterone levels and prevent a catabolic state from taking place.

In English, this means you get to keep the majority of your gains that would otherwise be lost because of the changing hormonal levels in the body.

It does this by encouraging the hypophysis or anterior pituitary gland to work double-time after cycling with prohormones and anabolic steroids.

This helps reduce catabolism and the risks that it can set off in the long run if not dealt with properly.

The body has a “feedback loop” that oversees the production of male hormones like testosterone and female hormones like estrogen. Some of the key players of this loop are the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland as well as the testes, which are also collectively called as the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis or the HPTA, for short.

Once this loop “senses” that certain types of hormones need replenishing, it activates specific endocrine glands to start the action. During an anabolic cycle, the loop will think that the amounts of androgens or male hormones, particularly testosterone, in the body are ready for a topping off. It stimulates the HPTA to kick in and a process is set in motion to boost your testosterone levels. This process continues until your anabolic cycle ends.

But here’s the thing. After running a cycle with steroids, the HPTA becomes rather woozy and slow in terms of reacting to the feedback loop’s instructions. Now while the body is capable of restoring its testosterone levels by itself – albeit at a very sluggish pace after a cycle – it is also possible that your testosterone production will shut down completely, which leads to even more serious problems sooner or later.

This is where Clomid does it magic. This SERM basically takes up the spots reserved for estrogen receptors in the cells, but doing it so discreetly that the receptors don’t get activated in any way. This makes the feedback loop think that there is a sufficient amount of estrogen hormones in the body while testosterone levels need to be increased and voila! Problem solved.


It is important to take note that the right time to start taking Clomid greatly depends on the harshness and strength of the compounds used in your cycle.

You’ll need to be aware of the androgen levels in your blood first before using Clomid for your PCT or the whole thing will end up being counterproductive.

In short, using Clomid while your blood’s androgen levels are still quite high will simply sap away its potency and efficacy. On the other hand, using it when the androgen levels in your blood have already dipped down drastically will already make your body prone to catabolism.

Just to make it clear, the steroids that are usually used in bodybuilding cycles nowadays have a thing called a “half-life,” which is basically the time when it gets eliminated from the bloodstream. Clomid’s half-life is between 5 to 7 days.

Taking Clomid when a steroid’s half-life is still high will just overwhelm it and no positive effect will take place. Conversely, administering this SERM way after a steroid’s half-life can already lead to the loss of gains.

That’s why it’s very important that you time the dosages during your post cycle therapy or you’ll fail to get the intended effect.

For your reference, below is a list of some widely used anabolic steroids and prohormones as well as the recommended time when you should start taking Clomid:

Prohormone/Anabolic Steroid Time of Last Administration in the Body
Testosterone Suspension 4 to 8 hours
Dianabol 4 to 8 hours
Winstrol 8 to 12 hours
Testosterone Propionate 3 days
Trenbolone 3 days

Dosing Clomid for PCT

Here is a simple timetable that you can use as a guide to determine how much dosage is optimal for you, divided up into each week:

For regular or mild cycles:

Week 1 50 milligrams daily
Week 2 50 milligrams daily
Week 3 25 milligrams daily
Week 4 25 milligrams daily

For stronger or harsher cycles:

Week 1 75 milligrams daily
Week 2 50 milligrams daily
Week 3 50 milligrams daily
Week 4 25 milligrams daily

As you can see, how you taper down towards the end of your PCT is just as important as how much and when you take it.

Typically, pills come in 20 or 30 mg, so you can expect to dose Clomid 1 to 3 times per day. For the liquid version, this can often vary, although it’s most likely going to be 1ml per 20mg dosage.

See also: Clomid: Pills or Liquid for My Cycle?

Side Effects

When taking a powerful medication such as Clomid, always make sure you get your blood work done as well as see a doctor or physician just in case.

There could be a whole host of side effects while using Clomid during your PCT, but the most common ones are lethargy, headaches, and the infamous loss of sex drive.

To combat this, you can always hop on a natural test booster or male enhancement pill. There’s no sense in looking good if you can’t have sex.


And that’s it! You have finished our short and simple guide for using Clomid during post cycle therapy. Make sure you pick some up to get some high-quality pills and follow the suggestions laid out in this guide.

Take the right doses and taper off correctly, and you’ll have no problem achieving a successful PCT.

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