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  • Dermacrine
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  • Last modified: December 25, 2017

Review Summary:

Dermacrine is one of the best products on the market for shedding away the extra fat while improving your gains. Add the mental and sexual benefits it provides at a reasonable price and you have yourself one hell of a product.

Dermacrine by BPS is a skin gel designed to improve strength, muscle growth, endurance, energy and basically all other factors of athletic ability. It is simply rubbed into the skin and features the advanced Liqua-vade technology that helps penetrate the bloodstream almost instantly. This allows for faster and better results through better absorption.

Dermacrine contains a number of hormones, primarily DHEA, which gets converted into anabolic hormones such as androstenediol and testosterone once absorbed in the bloodstream. Moreover, DHEA also converts into thermogenic hormones that promote fat burning and muscle gain such as 7-beta-DHEA.

Its key ingredients


Some anabolics can lead to extensive hair loss in some men due to DHEA converting to DHT, which can trigger alopecia. Pregenelone was added to Dermacrine to counteract this unwanted conversion and prevent hair loss, while providing improved focus and memory at the same time.

Anti-estrogen complex

Anabolic hormones sometimes convert to estrogen, which can lead excessive water retention in muscles and eventual loss of gains. This is why Dermacrine contains an anti-estrogen complex made up of several hormones. This complex blocks estrogenic effects and prevents their possible negative side effects. These hormones also improve your sex drive and erectile function in the process.

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How to use Dermacrine

Dermacrine is rubbed into the skin, best done in the morning following a shower. The number of pumps recommended depends on your weight. Those between 150 and 190 pounds should rub 3 pumps. Those between 191 and 230 pounds, 4 pumps and 5 pumps for individuals over 231 pounds. The product is best rubbed into shoulders or back and should be given several minutes to dry off.

Dermacrine Benefits

  • Building lean muscles
  • Improves strength
  • Boosts sexual drive and erectile function
  • Improves mental focus
  • Supports fat burning
  • Excellent absorption


Dermacrine has some natural e blockers in it Google Dermacrine and read other peoples reports on it or go to the source and read there explanation don’t remember the exact amounts off hand but 5 pumps has less than 100 mg DHEA and less than 50 mg preg in it . I use 2 to 3 pumps and does wonders more energy and good mind clarity. and a nice push working out.

As an avid sports trainer and workout enthusiast I always looking for the right supps to help me achieve my maximum goals. Since I’m also in my late 40s I also need to keep my Test levels up. So I like Dermacrine because its easy to use and the DHEA will help boost my T levels naturally. The main reason I use Dermacrine is because research has shown that DHEA pills don’t absorb well into your body. So you may only get a small amount of DHEA. But rubbing the Dermacrine DHEA lotion into your skin ensures that your body will absorb a lot more DHEA, giving you better results and more bang for your buck too!

Great and easily applied feel like it helps with lethargy. Dries fast with no unpleasant aroma..feel like it helps with any lethargy while on cycle..will definitely purchase again.

Should you take it?

Dermacrine is a very powerful hormonal cream and should be taken with caution, like any other product that promotes anabolic hormones. However, this product seems to be very safe and the results are almost guaranteed. Other than building muscle and burning fat, Dermacrine is also good for your sex life and your mental abilities, which are two great additions.

Purchasing a tube of Dermacrine to give it a shot is definitely something I would suggest since this is the best way to find out how it suits your body. Most people who have already tried this product seem to love it, too.


Dermacrine is a rather innovative product to use when you’re looking to improve your overall gains in the gym as well as blasting away unwanted fat. It also offers some mental and sexual benefits while we’re on the subject. And with hardly any side effects reported by users, this is a product that we highly recommend.