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Enobosarm in Postmenopausal Women for Stress Urinary Incontinence


Diane Newman, DNP, FAAN, BCB-PMD interviewed the Kenneth Peters, MD about the data that he presented at the SUFU 2018 meeting. This data was based on results of the single-arm, open-label Phase 2 clinical trial evaluation enobosarm in postmenopausal women with stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

Enobosarm is an oral selective androgen receptor modulator which can be given as an androgenic agent to modulate the pelvic floor and urinary sphincter for stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

This study was a first clinical trial which evaluated an orally-administred selective androgen modulator (SARM) for treating SUI. Data that was collected during the study has shown some beneficial effects of using SARM for treating the SUI, but now there is a national trail taking place which will give more concrete evidence on how SARM is affecting women who suffer from SUI.

In the new national trial, scientists are using ASTRID (Assessing Enobosarm for Stress Urinary Incontinence Disorder). Which is a placebo-controlled trial where a dose of 3mg is compared to a much lower dose of just 1 mg with hopes that they will have a concrete data by the end of this year, which will hopefully show beneficial effects in the patient population.

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