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Guide for Beginners

What are Prohormones?

Now while prohormones are relatively new, prohormones like Havoc have gathered quite a loyal following almost immediately after being launched in the market due to their fast-acting results in terms of boosting size, strength, endurance, vascularity, and mass as well as overall affordability.

If you’re a bodybuilder looking to give prohormones a shot anytime soon, but still want to find out more about them then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Make sure you read on to learn all you need to know about these bodybuilding must-haves that will help you get on track to the physique that you’ve always wanted.

For starters, prohormones are not some kind of hormones that you introduce in your body unlike what a lot of people mistakenly believe. They are types of chemical compounds that have been developed to trigger specific effects when they get in contact with androgen receptors. These effects include a significant increase in lean muscle mass, boost in strength and endurance levels, enhanced vascularity and even accelerated fat loss. Moreover, compared to anabolic steroids, dishing out $40 to $60 on prohormones already gives you an ample supply for a whole month’s cycle.

The chemical structure of Halodrol, one of the most popular prohormones.

How do Prohormones Work?

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At its simplest, prohormones are taken orally and will convert into active anabolic compounds with the help of natural enzymes when they get in contact with androgen receptors. After this conversion takes place, messages are sent to the cell nuclei in the body to stimulate them to set off the positive effects that prohormones have become quite famous for.

However, unlike androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) that only need to be increased in dosage to keep on harnessing their enhancing benefits, these compounds have a “dose ceiling” in which a certain amount of them can be used in a daily basis. The body has to replenish its levels of natural enzymes first before the conversion process will start all over again.

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Are Prohormones Anabolic Steroids?

Although the popular belief is that prohormones are “a more natural version of androgenic anabolic steroids or AAS,” this isn’t actually true. Prohormones are essentially anabolic steroids themselves.

See, prohormones are simply weaker counterparts of anabolic steroids. Instead of introducing raw testosterone into your body like in the case of anabolic steroids, you are just orally ingesting precursors of testosterone to help the system jumpstart its production of this hormone and set off androgenic effects when you’re using prohormones.

The chemical structure of Dimethazine, which is basically two (2) Superdrol molecules joined by a pair of nitrogen atoms
The chemical structure of Dimethazine, which is basically two (2) Superdrol molecules joined by a pair of nitrogen atoms

Moreover, a key difference between these compounds and anabolic steroids is that the latter is considered almost always illegal and the former is currently strictly regulated, but are already being contended by the authorities like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be up for a ban in the near future.

The Usual Lineup of Prohormones Available These Days

What’s really interesting is that there are a lot of prohormones available these days that will suit any bulking, recomp or cutting plan you’re looking to take on. The following are the most common options that you can get your hands on to pick up the pace on realizing the goals you’re aiming for:


The Benefits of Prohormones

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Taking prohormones basically gives you the same benefits when you’re cycling with anabolic steroids. Here are the most prominent positive effects that you’re in for when you include them in your bodybuilding arsenal:

  • A boost in lean muscle mass and development
  • Increased strength and endurance levels
  • Enhanced overall athletic performance
  • Accelerated physical recovery
Sample of gains achieved when cycling with prohormones
A sample of gains achieved when cycling with prohormones

Given that these compounds provide your body with precursors of testosterone for it to up the ante on its production of this hormone, the following are also the “extra” benefits that you’ll get when you cycle them:

  • Improved sex drive
  • A more intense competitive mindset

This is why prohormones are excellent choices for people in bodybuilding, extreme sports, and crossfit.

Prohormone Side Effects

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However, the downside of cycling with prohormones is you’re also vulnerable to experiencing the side effects that commonly come with the use of anabolic steroids. Below are some of the setbacks that you can potentially go through when using prohormones:

  • Liver stress and toxicity
  • Bouts of a headache and nausea
  • Accelerated hair loss or hair growth (Check out Infinity Hair for a great solution)
  • Gynecomastia or “gyno”
  • Swelling of the prostate
  • Sailing blood pressure levels
  • Sore joints
A case of gynecomastia or "gyno" with the characteristic puffy nipples
A case of gynecomastia or “gyno” with the characteristic puffy nipples

It is crucial to keep in mind that having the proper on-cycle support and post cycle therapy (PCT) should be key priorities during and after a prohormone cycle, respectively. This is to stave off the possibility that you’re going to experience the side effects that we’ve just laid out.

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Cycling with Prohormones

Akin to using anabolic steroids, there are different ways of cycling with prohormones depending on the variety that you’re using as well as the results that you are aiming to achieve. Make sure you follow the recommended doses when using prohormones not just to realize the goals you’re looking to realize, but also keep clear from negative side effects in the process.

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Prohormones and Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Sure cycling with prohormones may not be as harsh to the body when compared to using anabolic steroids, but it is still vital that you get a proper post cycle therapy or PCT in gear ideally a day after your last prohormone dose to help your body get its testosterone levels back to normal. You can also get a PCT going with selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERM’s), aromatase inhibitors (AI’s) as well as other related supplements.

This is because the body thinks that it doesn’t have to produce and release testosterone because the levels of this hormone basically surge when you have a prohormone cycle. When you’ve finished your cycle, your testosterone levels tend to be very low while the estrogen in your body is very high. This will result to rather nasty side effects sooner or later.


Where to buy Prohormones?

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If you want to buy high quality prohormones, it’s not always easy finding a reliable supplier. But here at Powersupps UK, we offer the strongest prohormones at the best deals anywhere online. You can browse our selection of prohormones for sale online.

Final Review

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It’s really not that tough to figure out why more and more bodybuilders are going for prohormones these days. Apart from being able to stimulate the same benefits as anabolic steroids, they’re also very economical. And given their very strict regulation nowadays, we highly recommend that you act now and buy all you need for a cycle’s worth or else miss your chance to give them a shot due to the imminent ban that’s bound to happen sooner or later.

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If you want to try some prohormones for yourself, you can find a big selection here at Powersupps UK.

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