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  • Lean Fuel V2
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  • Last modified: December 22, 2017

Review Summary:

Lean  Fuel V2 is a supplement that contains several compounds that potentially increase levels of  epinephrine and norepinephrine in the body. These two are hormones that are responsible for burning fats in the body. Included among these stimulants is theobromine. It generally increases blood vessel diameter, thus improving blood flow and also suppressing appetite.

Lean Fuel V2 from Iron Mag Labs

Are you unhappy with your extra weight gain?

Do you want to start chiseling away to reveal that defined lean muscle?

Need to super charge your energy levels and weight loss?

Lean Fuel V2 from Iron Mag Labs is a revolutionary thermogenic supplement that will help you achieve your goals of weight loss and shredded muscle.

Taken as a part of a well-planned training and diet program, Lean Fuel V2 by Iron Mag Labs may be able to help you suppress your appetite, amplify your body’s natural fat burning ability, and promote lean muscle tissue gains.

If you’re tired of the classic bulk then cut way of doing things, then Lean Fuel V2 from Iron Mag Labs is for you. This thermogenic super supplement features an elite blend of ingredients including White Willow Bark, Green Tea Extract, and Theobromine, allowing you to train at your optimal intensity while supporting BOTH muscle building and fat loss.


  • Supports high level fat burning
  • Suppresses hunger cravings
  • Amplifies natural energy levels
  • Blocks fat absorption
  • Boosts lean muscle tissue gains



  • Dramatically increase energy levels
  • Supports fat oxidation
  • Boosts alertness and mental focus (1)


Green Tea Extract

  • Amplifies metabolic rate
  • Supports energy levels
  • Enhances fat burning (2)



  • Blocks fat absorption
  • Promote high level fat loss
  • Boosts mood and mental state (3)

 Q & A

Should I take this if I’m sensitive to caffine?

  • No, Lean Fuel V2 is not recommended for those who have a sensitivity to caffeine.


Can I stack this with other weight loss products?

  • Stacking may be acceptable but only with NON-STIMULANT products.

Does It Work?

Lean Fuel V2 is a comprehensive weight loss formula that helps you get rid off excess flab in numerous ways. It is a blend of thermogenics, stimulants and appetite suppressants that are designed to keep your calorie intake at a reasonable level, while upping the ante on the amount of fat that your body is able to burn off. Additionally, our in-house testing showed the product to be fairly effective and the user testimonials we were able to get a hold of were also positive.

How Do I Take It?

Take one (1) capsule in the morning and another  in the afternoon with 8 ounces of water. Make sure you do not take more than 2 capsules in the span of 24 hours. Do not take Lean Fuel V2 if you are under the age of 21, pregnant, nursing or experiencing any medical issues.


“I have lost about 6 pounds AND 4.2% body fat. I will have my assessment done again in about 6 weeks and I’m really looking forward to it. This supplement combined with a good diet and training with a cardio plan really works.”


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