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Review Summary:

Monster Plexx by Innovative Labs, a very complex prohormone formula designed to give you some really huge gains and turn you into a proper monster. With 1 Andro, 4 Andro and Epiandrosterone all in one formula, you just know the results you are in for will be massive.

Are you looking to really give it your best and go super hard at the gym to get that perfect physique? You will surely need some help along the way and by now everyone knows that prohormones are the best legal way of getting that help.

Today we are looking at Monster Plexx by Innovative Labs, a very complex prohormone formula designed to give you some really huge gains and turn you into a proper monster. With 1 Andro, 4 Andro and Epiandrosterone all in one formula, you just know the results you are in for will be massive.

So let’s take a really careful look at Monster Plexx to see just how potent the product is and who should have the best results with it.

What’s In It?

As we already said, Monster Plexx contains three major prohormones along with a bunch of other great ingredients.

1 Andro: A DHEA derivative that converts to 1-Testosterone through a two-step process, this prohormone is 7 times as anabolic as Testosterone. The prohormone is designed to help you gain lots of dry muscle mass which will not diminish during PCT nor will the hormone convert to Estrogen.

4 Andro: or 4-DHEA as it is known is another derivative of DHEA, which converts to Testosterone. The anabolic and androgenic hormone Testosterone is one of the most important for body growth as it provides both increased muscle mass and strength. 4 Andro will dramatically raise your protein synthesis and give you the monster pumps you have always dreamed of. This compound will give you wet muscles, like all true bulking hormones do and it may convert to Estrogen as Testosterone levels raise.

Epiandrosterone: The final of the three DHEA derivatives in Monster Plexx, Epiandrosterone converts to DHT. Sufficient DHT levels are required for proper sexual function as well as muscle building. DHT also elevates mood, strength, sexual desire and helps burn off fat.

Cyclosome Technology: This special patented technology is designed to help prohormones and other compounds pass through the liver unspotted and enter your bloodstream without being significantly reduced by the liver. This is an amazing delivery system and one that every prohormone can find great use for.

There are a number of other compounds in Monster Plexx as well, all designed to support the three basic prohormones. Without listing them all out, we bring you the full label by the manufacturer with all the lesser ingredients on it:

Monster Plexx Supplement Facts

Monster Plexx Supplement Facts

Does It Work?

When you stack 1 Andro, 4 Andro and Epiandrosterone, add a special delivery system and other support ingredients, you can bet your life the product is going to work. The product absolutely does work and it will help you build up tons of new muscle, both dry and lean as well as increase your strength, energy and libido through the roof.

The problem with products like this is that you need to really be ready for them. If you want to avoid negative side effects and want to actually get the best gains from this product, you will need to both eat and work out the right way. That said, with a proper workout regimen and diet, you can expect Monster Plexx to absolutely propel your growth and gains.

You can expect to gain 6-10 pounds of muscle mass per month with this product which is really insane but the multiple prohormones in it may cause all sorts of side effects if not taken carefully. By all means use Monster Plexx with additional on cycle support supplements, Aromatase inhibitors and proper post cycle therapy to keep your organs safe and prevent unwanted side effects.

How Do I Take It?

Cycle the product for about 6 to 8 weeks taking 1-3 capsules per day. Take one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening if taking all 3. Do not take more than 3 per day. Do not take if you are under legal age or suffering from any medical issues. As the product is so potent already, we do not recommend stacking it with further prohormoens.


Here is what some of the users had to say about Monster Plexx:

Amazing gains, explosive pumps in and out of the gym. went up 16 pounds(all muscle) no water, was taking .25mg letro ed on cycle. Kept 50% of those gains after cycle even with a TERRIBLE pct. Bench went from 235-285 in just 4 weeks.

I tried it for a month and gained 9 pounds within 3 days of starting it so it must have been all water weight. My weight fluctuated up 10 pounds or up 9 pounds from my starting weight. Today is my last day and I’m up 9 pounds.

I took it for 29 days, since I was missing a pill (probably dropped it and didnt notice) and let me tell you something- I gained some serious weight. I started at 255 standing at 6’7″ and I am on my second day of PCT standing at 272.

Final Verdict

This product is prohormone on steroids. With three potent prohormones mixed into one formula, you can expect some major gains and awesome results. Increased strength, libido and muscle mass are all guaranteed as long as you cycle the product right and keep going hard at the gym and in the kitchen. The only problem with this product is that due to its potency you will need to keep careful and use all the right support supplements and post cycle therapy to keep safe.

That said, as long as you know what you are doing and this is not the first time you are using prohormones, we absolutely recommend giving Monster Plexx a whirl and let us know how you did on your cycle.