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  • AndroHard


    A transdermal formula featuring a potent stack of two potent DHEA prohormones – Super R-Andro and Super Epi-Andro.


    • Dry, lean muscle mass gains (of as much as 10-20lbs within your first cycle)
    • Increase of strength
    • Enhanced vascularity
    • Increased aggression during training
    • Reduced water retention
    • Reduced body fat levels
    • No increase in estrogen levels
    • No harm to your liver
    • Compounds: Epiandrosterone
  • AndroShred


    It’s the ultimate weapon in the cutting arsenal of any bodybuilder serious about his muscle definition.


    • Intense 24/7 fat-burning
    • Boosted BMR
    • Reduced Cortisol
    • Improved Immune System
    • Enhanced Memory
    • Anti-Aging Effect
    • Helps treat depression and anxiety
    • Helps with PTSD
    • Compounds: 7-Keto
  • Brazilian Tight



    • Visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite (orange peel skin) after regular treatment.
    • Helps decrease fat deposits and water retention on the affected area of the skin.
    • Results in skin being firmer and smoother, with improved elasticity.
    • For all skin types.
  • Estrozone


    Arimistane® is a naturally occurring DHEA derivative and metabolite of 7-Keto-DHEA® produced by the metabolism of DHEA in the body. It is a suicide aromatase inhibitor which binds very strongly with the aromatase enzyme in the body.

    • Powered by Arimistane®
    • Helps Prevent Water Retention & Puffiness
    • Clean gel, no scent or residue & dries quickly
    • Rapid superior absorption


  • Humanogen



    • Accelerates healing process
    • Increases HGH
    • Better appetite
    • Improves bone density
    • Protects your heart
  • Testrozone



    • Promotes muscle growth
    • Improves natural test levels’
    • Lowers fatigue
    • Gives overall protection of your organs
    • No liver stress
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Non-Hormonal Compound