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  • Focus

    $89.99 $30.00

    STACK IT for Fat Loss!

    If fat loss (or weight loss) is your #1 goal then LEAN-CUT + FOCUS will provide an unparalleled transformation — simply due to the extra activity-promoting and appetite suppressing effect of FOCUS.


    • SAFEST
    • LEGAL

    If massive muscle gain or lean muscle gain is your goal then MAX-BULK or BULK-UP + MUSCLE-UP stacking is what you want

    • Compounds: 5 DHEA, 5 PREG

    $89.99 $30.00

    We finally got our hands on it…ANDRO FACTORY’s LEAN-CUT is the original fat shredding BEAST that contains real 11-KETO DHEA and 7-DHEA.

    Supporting and Promoting:

    • New muscle cells – Differentiation of stem cells into muscle cells
    • New nuclei – Increased protein synthesis ability
    • More nutrient delivery – More blood vessels / more blood cells
    • More nutrients retained – Increased utilization of amino-acids for new tissue growth

    Both have minimal androgenic and estrogenic activity all synergistically balanced with ANDRO FACTORY’s signature CP+R.

    • Compounds: 11 DHEA, 7 DHEA
  • TNT Fat Burner

    $26.00 $10.00

    Blocks fats and carbs from being stored, stop night time cravings in its tracks and help eliminate excess calories. You even burn fat while sleeping!