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  • Athena
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  • Last modified: August 19, 2019

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This product has been discontinued.

Athena isn’t for the cardio bunnies.

It’s for those girls serious about the weight room.

It’s for one of those female fitness fiends putting in the hours in the gym with the sole purpose of aesthetic body fit for a goddess.

It’s for the girls who are in the game for the perfect glutes, the thickest quads and extremely toned arms.

If you are one of them, then this Athena 6-in-1 SARMS supplement is just for you.

Muscular hypertrophy is the goal. The plateau is the enemy.

When you give this powerful blend of SARMS a shot, you can expect pumps and intense swoleness you’ve never seen before in your first cycle.

Athena will add inches to your quads, calves, and back, and will annihilate extra inches from your waist and problem areas.

With six of the most effective SARMS on the market working in your favor, you will be well on your road to building a body worthy of a Greek goddess, with new muscle in all the right areas.


  • Explosive lean muscle growth
  • Increased BMR and calorie burn
  • Harder and denser muscles
  • Shortened recovery times
  • Enhanced pumps
  • Improved training endurance
  • Prevents muscle-wasting
  • Minimal stress on organs
  • Safe for women

Key Compounds

GW-501516 (Cardarine) is a unique type of SARM that burns off excess body fat, shortens recovery times and boosts your lifting endurance.

Cardarine is a PPAR agonist that binds to the group of nuclear receptors in the body that oversee steroidal hormones. It increases gene expression and allows the body to expend energy even when it is at rest.

It’s not an Anabolic steroid, but it can mimic the effect of exercise and amplify recovery, priming your body for better lifts in a record amount of time.

Cardarine boosts your energy levels so that you can smash the gym and work at a higher intensity for longer durations. It also reduces recovery time post training which means that there is less time in between training sessions.

MK677 (Ibutamoren Nutrobal) is a peptide agonist for the hunger hormone, ‘Ghrelin’ and it is also a GH secretagogue.

What it does is boosts the secretion of Ghrelin, IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) and Growth Hormone in the body without causing the nasty side effects that other peptides like GHRP-6 do.

Ghrelin boosts hunger, allowing you to consume more calories.

But at the same time, it plays an active role in energy use regulation. This means that body fat gain is minimal while gaining muscle.

LGD-4033 (Anabolicum) is a SARM developed to spark anabolic gains in the skeletal muscle tissues, without affecting other vital tissues as synthetic steroids do. It bypasses the tissues of vital organs such as the heart, prostate, colon and sebaceous glands, thus eliminating the risks of damage to these organs.

As one of the newer SARMS it is the most potent SARM currently on the market. It produces results similar to steroids but without the nasty side effects on the body.

But the main benefit for bodybuilders is that it prevents muscle wasting and age-related muscle decline, as well as the cannibalizing of muscle tissue when on a cut.

Ostarine (MK-2866) is considered in most bodybuilding circles as the safest and most anabolic SARM available for use.

Ostarine mimics the powerhouse benefits of free testosterone without messing with the body’s natural test production.

It does that by selectively boosting androgenic activity in muscle and bone tissue. When supported by an optimal diet and an intense training regimen the effects are similar to being on a cycle of a steroid like Dianabol without the bad stuff connected with it.

The liver, prostate and the other internal organs are spared by the anabolic activity of Ostarine, mitigating any potential health risks.

RAD140 (Testolone) is considered as the newest and most effective SARM out in the healthy body-building community. It has been highly regarded due to its numerous anabolic benefits that come with steroids, but without the damage on the human body. RAD140 is being used as a compound for cutting, strength, endurance and bulking.

YK11 is a potent Myostatin inhibitor in the body, allowing for muscular gains that go beyond a person’s genetic potential.

It attaches to the androgen receptors and signals the muscle cells to produce more Follistatin. This inhibits the Myostatin levels in the body, and it stimulates explosive muscle mass gain.

YK11 gives you lean size gains without any water retention, harder and fuller muscles, and enhanced pumps. And this without any harsh anabolic steroid side effects.

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