60 servings per container. 

1 Tablet Contains:

  • Vitamin C – 25 mg
  • Chitosan – 1000 mg
  • Gymnema Syvestre Leaf – 200 mg
  • Garcinia Cambogia – 50 mg

Maximum Strength 3 in 1 Carb Blocker

  • Compounds: 3 in 1 Carb Blocker
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CHEATZ® by MuscleGen Research

Being on a low carb diet can be tough, and when you’re eating out or on the run it’s almost impossible….until now that is.  Take CHEATZ before your carb-rich meal or snack to help limit the carb and sugar absorption.  With CHEATZ you can cheat your diet, but not yourself!

Limits Carb and Sugar Absorption – When you’re on a low carb diet sometimes you just need to indulge.  That’s where CHEATZ comes in – a scientifically designed formula that helps limit the bodies absorption of carbs and sugars cutting down on the conversion to fat storage.

Even Helps Reduce Calorie Uptake – The added benefit of CHEATZ is that it also helps reduce your caloric uptake by converting sugars into energy with natural corosolic acid found in the Banaba plant.