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STACK IT for Fat Loss!

If fat loss (or weight loss) is your #1 goal then LEAN-CUT + FOCUS will provide an unparalleled transformation — simply due to the extra activity-promoting and appetite suppressing effect of FOCUS.



If massive muscle gain or lean muscle gain is your goal then MAX-BULK or BULK-UP + MUSCLE-UP stacking is what you want

  • Compounds: 5 DHEA, 5 PREG
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FOCUS by Andro Factory

Several studies show that DHEA and pregnenolone can enhance the brain’s visual-spatial performance. This is the brains ability to mentally perceive and arrange three dimensional objects. For example, this may enhance your ability to map placement objects on a 3D map.

DHEA and pregnenolone have come together in the Power of FOCUS’s Advanced DHEA Complex with ANDRO FACTORY’s signature CP+R – bringing a new player in the race to FOCUS drive and a stronger leaner body.
The studies and research used to formulate ANDRO FACTORY’s FOCUS and The Stack make it the most effective advanced FOCUS enhancing product that you can buy safely, legally and without a prescription. FOCUS provides amazing results from which every man can benefit.

Whether you are looking to gain lean muscle mass, a competitive edge, increased motivation, or a sense of accomplishment ANDRO FACTORY delivers safe and natural prohormones that will make you strong, keep you safe and on top of your game.

The Advanced DHEA Complex

DHEA in general is commonly known as the anti-aging wonder drug of the century. But DHEA handled properly can result many different and long lasting benefits.The mental effects of FOCUS come from two primary neurosteroids 5-DHEA and 5-PREG. Highly absorbable hormones that convert to the active neurosteroids DHEA, pregnenolone and their sulfate forms. Unique hormones that posses effects not found with any other hormone in the body. No other steroid, testosterone booster or stimulant will take you where Focus takes you.Electrochemical and Neurological growth enhancement.FOCUS –Working by both electrochemical enhancement and neurological growth enhancement.

Growth of neurons takes time, it is not over night and it does not come in an energy drink. Slow building benefits deliver longer more satisfying results 24 hours a weeks on end. FOCUS is a Safe and Natural Prohormone meant for long lasting results that can stay with you for a very long time. FOCUS was meant to be cycled on and off of like all Natural Prohormone products by ANDRO FACTORY. Enhancing your workouts and daily alertnes

Supporting and Promoting:

  • Focus, Drive, Energy, Motivation
  • Electrochemical enhancement
  • Neurological growth enhancement

FOCUS and Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Are you taking testosterone “transdermal” or “injectable”? Then your body has probably stopped producing a large amount of DHEA and pregnenolone. This is common with the lack of regulation of hormone production caused by using outside sources of testosterone replacement. (21-24). If you are a TRT taking FOCUS will most likely provide you with a significant benefit above what your testosterone replacement (or any steroid) can do on its own.

Clinical Studies – Reversing Apathetic behavior and DHEA

Do you suffer from lack of interest in general activities, a job or a social life? So we’re a group of teenage boys given DHEA as a treatment for general depression and feeling of inferiority; referred to as “constitutional inadequacy”.

Before the DHEA treatment was started, these boys were characterized as having a lack of interest in general activities, such as a job, or a social life. They were also bullied by their peers. After several weeks of DHEA treatment something miraculous happened. The boys starting showing interest in their activities, their outlook improved, they had interest in their jobs and began to have aspirations in achieving goals. It would seem that their DHEA treatment was a success. Even more so these boys that were previously bullied by their peers in some cases began to bully others. The researchers in these clinical studies made the formal conclusion regarding DHEA supplementation facilitates engagement, and in some cases, may reverse a timid or apathetic behavior.

“[DHEA] exerts an androgenic effect in a social and psychological field, promoting a masculine activity of aggression, self-confidence, with small or no increase in weight… One is reminded of the hen run, the pecking order may be reversed”

–Dr. Dalton E Sands

Food Cravings

Research in animal studies have found a similarity to what appears to happen in FOCUS; the change IN taste preference for healthier foods — or at least a possible reduce for cravings for fatty / sweet foods. (26-30)
If your goal is fat loss, weight loss, or both — FOCUS will be your best friend. But if you are going for lean mass gains, make sure you don’t forget to eat.

The Power of DHEA and Progesterone

“The DHEA and progesterone in FOCUS is meant to increase the tendency to “take action…”

Ready – Set – FOCUS

Several studies show that DHEA and pregnenolone can enhance the brain’s visual-spatial performance.
This is the brains ability to mentally perceive and arrange three dimensional objects. For example, this may enhance your ability to map placement of objects on a 3D map in a video game.

Less Fear – More Action

If the mind is clouded by fear — the result is no response at all, hesitation, and probably defeat.
In one medical literature there was a case report of a 68 year old man on high dose DHEA who began developing a grand business plan to sell antique cars and tractors — despite never having such ambitious plans his entire life.

The DHEA and progesterone in FOCUS is meant to increase the tendency to “take action”, enhance the bodys willingness to loss fear and take action, essentially aligning the mind and body..Fear can cloud your body’s natural desire to want to take action. Curbing the fear is step one. If your fear is resolved you will naturally take more risk to conquer your obstacles. Allowing clear thinking, true focus and motivated drive.

Anti-Cortisol – Courageous Fearlessness!

If getting your but whooped during combat can increase your cortisol levels. Then The anti- cortisol effects of FOCUS should enhance resilience to that butt whooping or over-training or any other physical extremities to the body. When the brain lacks the capacity to comprehensively understand an obstacle, and find an appropriate response, the mind and body freeze — and fear takes hold.

Research shows that cortisol, which is released during stressful situations, may be responsible for enhancing the contextual fear response.  In other words, individuals who have a poor resistance to stress — will have an enhanced startle response or period of hesitation during stressful situations.Cortisol is a catabolic hormone that kills neurons, and breaks down neural tissue.

It makes sense that a highly stressed individual would respond in a fearful way to adverse stimulus — simply because they lack the neural hardware for a sufficient counter response.On the other hand, DHEA has been shown to prevent the contextual fear response. The proposed mechanism is suggested to be an anti-cortisol effect — due to DHEA’s ability to antagonize the action of cortisol. The effect may also be related to increased serotonin, acetylcholine, sigma-1 activation by DHEA.

Can you handle it?

Focus can offer a great benefit by enhancing an inadequate neural environment — but it can make an aggressive or violent person worse. If you are already an easily enraged or manic person, FOCUS may not be the safest choice for you.

Stackable Product

FOCUS is non-methylated making it easy to stack with any cycle, this includes all ANDRO FACTORY products and non ANDRO FACTORY products: metabolic steroids, anabolic steroids, prohormones and natural T-boosters. Although ANDRO FACTORY strongly recommends to stick to safe and effective products from ANDRO FACTORY.
ANDRO FACTORY delivers only the best newly innovated prohormones that will make you big, keep you lean and on top of your game in and outside of the gym.

•and most AFFORDABLE

Whether you are looking for the best possible enhancement to gain a competitive edge, or to increase your motivation to gain the body you’ve always wanted. ANDRO FACTORY’S FOCUS will deliver results. You will experience new levels of confidence and motivation that will benefit you by promoting confidence in the gym, on the field, court or stage, in the boardroom and in the bedroom. You will be glad you invested in the most effective and the safest focus enhancing and boosting prohormone products available.