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  • Freak
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  • Last modified: August 23, 2019

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This products has been discontinued.

If you’re looking to repair and protect your system without losing any of your hard-earned gains, give FREAK a try in your next PCT stack.

Benefits of Freak PCT

  • Cleans Androgen Receptors
  • Up Regulates Androgen Receptors
  • Suppresses Estrogen
  • Protects liver and kidneys
  • Increases Testosterone
  • Increases IGF
  • Increases HGH
  • Suppresses Myostatin
  • Improves cardiovascular and blood O2 capabilities

Servings Size: 1 scoop
Serving per container : 30

  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine – 500 mg
  • Epicatechin Gallate – 500 mg
  • Na (sodium) R-alpha-lipo acid – 200 mg
  • 5’7-Dihydroxyisoflavon(Chrysin) – 500 mg
  • Stevia Lime Flavoring – 68 mg
  • 4-Hysdroxyisoleucine – 66 mg
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone – 25 mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) – 3 g

So you’re thinking of getting a PCT to neutralize all the unwanted damage that comes with using anabolic supplements.

While they give you superior muscle gains with unrivaled pumps and enhanced vascularity, they also put your hormones out of whack.

Estrogen-induced gyno, bloating, fatigue and loss of muscle mass… you don’t want any of that in your life.

FREAK is the perfect PCT to show estrogen the door and invite natural test production back in your enhanced body.

The 9-in-1 FREAK formula flushes the androgen receptors and puts everything back in its natural state. As a plus it acts as a Myostatin inhibitor, which pushes the boundaries of your genetic makeup by suppressing Myostatin allowing for further mass gains.

FREAK is a molecularly formulated hormone matrix and genetic equalizer; it cleans androgen receptors and increases the sensitivity of these receptors.

FREAK suppresses estrogen as well as increases natural testosterone production by up to 300%, increases mental focus and clarity, as well as improves cardiovascular and blood O2 capabilities.

FREAK increases insulin release and immune function, as well as increases IGF and Growth Hormone production by up to 200%, while decreasing mitochondrial fat at the cellular level.

FREAK has a Myostatin inhibitor that will allow you to push beyond your genetic limitations by suppressing Myostatin.

There is NOTHING on the market that can compare to FREAK. Never cycle again. FREAK will make ALL of your performance enhancing products work better and will protect your liver and kidneys at the same time.