The Ultimate 5 Compound Mass Stack. Pharmaceutical Grade Raws – Tested 99% Pure.

60 servings per container. Each tab contains:

1 Tablet Contains:

  • Max LMG 50 mg
  • DMZ 30 mg
  • Methyl 1 Alpha 20 mg
  • MSTEN 20 mg
  • Trestolone 10mg
  • Compounds: Max LMG, DMZ, Methyl 1-AD, M-Sten

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KING® by MedFit RX

MedFit Rx KING prohormone supplement, a 5 compound prohormone stack designed for maximum muscle mass and strength gains. Combining Max LMG, DMZ, M1A, Methylstenbolone and Methyldiazirinol, KING prohormone is the strongest bulking prohormone on the market. If you are looking for maximum gains you need to check out KING by Medfit Rx.

MedFit Rx Pharmaceuticals does not represent its products as nutritional supplements and you as the customer acknowledge this when purchasing these products. You also acknowledge that when purchasing MedFit Rx products that you are at least 18 years of age. We highly recommend you consult a healthcare professional before starting any exercise or supplement program.