Psychosis X

Psychosis X



  • No mix fizz action delivery
  • Explosive Energy
  • Supports Enhanced Endurance
  • Promotes Laser Focus
  • Crazy Pumps and Vascularity
  • Delicious Lime-aid fizz flavor
  • Compounds: Preworkouts
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PSYCHOSIS X® by MuscleGen Research


Does your pre-workout supplement facts read like this: Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, AND CAFFEINE? If this sounds like your pre-workout, then it probably means you have a product with a lot of filler ingredients and that is lacking a PUNCH!

Meet Psychosis X! This effervescent delight boasts high-quality DMAE and medical grade niacin; stronger than that stuff your buddy told you to take! And it does not stop there; we packed Psychosis X in easy to grab individual serving packs. No more digging for the scoop or dumping powder everywhere!

**This product is not for the stimulant sensitive population. This will cause intense flushing and pumps that will make most of the world uncomfortable. You have been warned!

Whether you are trying to lose weight or to build muscle mass, this product gives you the energy, power and stamina. Sounds good, right? Here are some of the product’s supplement facts:

  • L-Citruline DL-Malate: boosts nitric oxide production in the body that helps you relax and work well which improves blood flow throughout your body.
  • Beta Alanine: helps increase your muscle’s carnosine stores which can reduce fatigue during intense exercise.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: relieves tension, improves concentration and athletic performance.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate: neutralize the excess acid and is used to treat heartburn, indigestion and upset stomach.
  • Creatine Ethyl ester HCL: gives increased strength, endurance and muscle volume.
  • & more

So before you hit the gym next time increase your energy levels, muscle power or endurance during workout with PSYCHOSIS X!

Suggested use: Start by using half of a pack to gauge your tolerance and sensitivity to the product. Work your way up to a full pack. Mix contents of 1 pack with 6oz water.

WARNING:  DO NOT USE MORE THAN 1 PACK PER DAY. This product is not for the stimulant sensitive population. This will cause intense flushing and pumps that will make you uncomfortable.