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SANDMAN by MuscleGen Research, Inc.


The top three ingredients to reaching and surpassing your health and fitness goals. More than 85% of the American population complains about not getting enough sleep. The daily stresses of life seem to have everyone physically exhausted yet our minds are often too busy to allow us to fall asleep. Well, those days are gone. Enter SANDMAN, a nootropic and natural sleep inducing formula that allows your brain to relax while giving an overall euphoric experience before drifting off to sleep. Wake clear headed and focused and ready to conquer whatever crosses your path!

WARNING: Non habit forming but does NOT taste good. Do you want something that tastes good or something that isn’t full of fluff and fillers that actually works? We suggest putting SANDMAN in 6oz of juice about 30 minutes prior to bedtime.

  • Key Ingredients: GABA, Phenibut, Huperzine-A