MedFit Rx Trestolone Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Tablet

Trestolone 40mg


Pharmaceutical Grade Trestolone – Tested 99% Pure.

  • Compounds: Trestolone
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Trestolone by MedFit Rx is a powerful prohormone used to build rapid muscle and strength. Also known as MENT, this 19Nor hormone is a derivative of nandrolone with an androgenic/estrogenic character very similar to Tren or DECA but with a higher ability to build muscle than both. Trestolone is typically used for an average of 4-6 weeks with a 8 week continuous maximum. Typical dosing of Trestolone is 20 to 50mg daily and Trestolone has a moderate to low liver toxicity.

It is being researched as a male contraceptive as it can quickly cause male infertility in small doses. It is nearly as strong as its 17-alpha-alkylated brother mibolerone, Cheque Drops, but without the staggering liver damaging effects. It is a 19Nor hormone, which makes it a nandrolone derivative.

It is very similar to nandrolone, which is the base hormone in Deca, but with a 7-alpha-methyl attached. This means it is nandrolone derivative without the 5-alpha-reduction, similar to the make up of trenbolone (Tren).


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