YK 11


YK 11


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  • Dry, lean size gains
  • No water retention
  • Increase in muscular size and strength
  • Increased muscle hardness
  • Increase in Follistatin levels
  • Inhibition of Myostatin levels
  • No anabolic steroid side effects
  • Increased muscular fullness and better pumps
  • Compounds: YK11

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YK 11 was designed with the ambitious bodybuilder in mind.It’s for the hard-working gym addict who feels limited by his or her genetic potential.It’s for the kind of lifter who is constantly hungry for MORE, and desperate to push their gains to the limit.Maybe the most powerful SARM around, YK 11 works as a Myostatin inhibitor to give you mass-producing powers you never knew you had.

As Myostatin’s job is to keep your body from growing too much muscle, YK 11 essentially takes the foot off the brake that halts your lean muscle gains.When bulking it gives you a superior potential for packing on pounds and pounds of sheer muscle.And when on a cut, it prevents muscle-wasting due to slashed calorie intake which means you add lean mass only.

It truly is THE supplement when it comes to pushing your genetics to the limit without the nasty side effects that come with most anabolics.

Key Compounds

YK11 is a potent Myostatin inhibitor in the body, allowing for muscular gains that go beyond a person’s genetic potential.

It attaches to the androgen receptors, and signals the muscle cells to produce more Follistatin. This inhibits the Myostatin levels in the body, and it stimulates explosive muscle mass gain.

YK11 gives you lean size gains without any water retention, harder and fuller muscles, and enhanced pumps. And this without any harsh anabolic steroid side effects.

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