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1-Andro Overview

For anyone who wants a solid, aesthetic physique and is looking to push past their normal limit, 1-Andro is one muscle-building game changer. This detailed guide will help you know more about it and why it’s such a must-have product!

1-Andro (Aka 1 DHEA or 1-Androsterone) is a non-methylated prohormone whose primary metabolite is 1-Androstenedione or 1-AD (1-androstene 3b-ol, 17-one ).

In English, this means it works by helping the user rapidly develop strength and shed fat. This anabolic compound does not change to estrogen or DHT but converts to 1-testosterone, which means, any estrogen related negative effects should not transpire and this compound can truly aid in building lean muscle mass side effect free.

Research shows that 1-Andro has twice the anabolic strength of testosterone. In a recent 4-week study conducted by West Texas A&M University, 1-Androsterone elevated fat-free mass in professional bodybuilders around 8.8 lbs and reduced body fat by 4.4. lbs.

A prohormone can be defined as a “hormone precursor” which is carried by your blood in the form of an inactive hormone. There are two main categories of prohormones: methylated and non-methylated. The methylated ones are stronger and therefore, put a strain on the liver. Thus, they are not recommended for long-term use. On the other hand, non-methylated prohormones are mild and safer. Thus, they don’t cause any serious damage to the liver. The beginners and intermediate users are therefore recommended to go for non-methylated prohormones instead of methylated ones.

1-andro is metabolized testosterone and is converted into 1-testosterone once it enters the body. This prohormone, like most of the others, is an anabolic steroid that and not convert into estrogen or Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Thus, you don’t have to worry about all the negative estrogenic side effects like darkening of the skin, loss of scalp hair, gynecomastia (enlarged breasts), bloat, water retention, and freckles, etc. Also, you’re safe from all the negative side effects associated with DHT like increased hair loss, and prostate diseases, etc.

How Does 1-Androsterone Work?

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Basically, it is a great compound to use for your cutting cycle as it helps you lose fat. You get the gains minus water retention. Because there is no water retention, gains will be slow, but are certainly PRESERVED pre- and post- one cycle. 1-Andro supplements are versatile as they can be stacked with any compound.

When 1-andro enters the body, it gets converted into 1 testosterone, which works similar to the naturally produced testosterone. Testosterone is the prohormone primarily responsible to stimulate the muscle-building process. It also speeds up the repairing process of worn-out cells by the body. Moreover, it helps in the accumulation of muscle mass and increases muscle hardness.

This prohormone also increases strength level significantly which makes your rigorous workout sessions easier and enables you to train longer as required to build-up and maintain muscle mass.

1-andro has a strong androgenic on the user’s body. Due to this reason, it does not lead to water retention unlike most of its counterparts. The use of this prohormone though result in incredible muscle mass accumulation, however, it may take some time for the results to become significant.

Another great news for 1-andro users is that the muscle mass gain resulting from this prohormone is long-lasting and maintaining the gains is quite easy even after discontinuing prohormone’s use.

This prohormone is ideal for the bodybuilders who are trying to cut body fat along with building muscles faster. 1-andro is known for reducing excess fat deposited in various body parts along with speeding up the muscle-building cycle.

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Does It Mean It Is Safer Being A Non-Methylated Prohormone?

Yes, it is, it’s even safer than steroids! Non-methylated prohormones are safer as compared to methylated ones as they offer remarkable gains, but aren’t as tough on your body, especially the liver.

Specifically, 1 Andro converts to 1-testosterone, which is more anabolic (muscle-building) than testosterone but doesn’t carry any of the androgenic effects (e.g. hair growth, aggressiveness, etc.).

Benefits You Can Get from 1-Andro

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Check out this outstanding list of benefits from 1-Androsterone:

  • It enhances lean muscle mass (makes getting ripped easier)
  • It reduces body fat.
  • It significantly improves strength level.
  • It boosts recovery by speeding up the cell repairing process in the body.
  • No DHT or estrogen conversion and thus no nasty side effects linked to these hormones.
  • No estrogen conversion means there won’t be any bloat or water retention, which is yet another benefit.
  • Safer than steroids. Being a non-methylated prohormone, it is less harsh on the liver and other body organs. Thus it helps its users achieve their dream body goal without having to compromise on their health.
  • Double anabolic strength as compared to testosterone.
  • An ideal choice for those bodybuilders who are trying to build muscle mass along with cutting fat in a short period of time. Some users of this prohormone have reported losing 4 lbs fat along with gaining 8 lbs muscles within 4-weeks of a cycle.
  • It is a legal prohormone that you can easily add to your bodybuilding arsenal. 1-andro is readily available in the market. You can easily find it at most of the health stores. However, athletes should still avoid it as it can be detected in the body even after 7-days of its intake. It is also not recommended for employees who have to undergo frequent drug tests at their workplace.

It can easily be stacked with other bodybuilding prohormones. Some advanced users have recommended stacking 1-andro with 4-andro. Both of these bodybuilding supplements work incredibly well together. This stack guarantees great muscle-mass accumulation and increased strength. It is also recommended to always go for non-methylated prohormone stacks in order to save your liver and other organs from any kind of damage.

Recommended Dosing

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  • For new and intermediate users: Take the lowest suggested dose. Start with 300 mg to 600 mg a day for 6 weeks.
  • For advanced users: Take up to 1,000 mg for 6 to 8 weeks.

The duration of the cycles depends on the daily dose that you take and also the expected results. All the supplements containing 1-andro come with a detailed guide on how and for how long to use them. This guide is very helpful, especially for beginners. You may also take 1-Androsterone pre-workout.

Moreover, this prohormone should be taken with food as it is absorbed and digested better in this way.  It is advised NOT to take this prohormone on an empty stomach as it can lead to some nasty side effects.

On-cycle support is highly recommended while cycling with 1-andro. Taking a support supplement during the cycle partially or completely protects you against the negative side effects that may result in 1-andro’s use. On-cycle and post-cycle supplements also help in making the cycle successful by ensuring that all the muscle gains are well-maintained even after the cycle has ended.

It is also recommended to avoid alcohol while cycling with this prohormone as alcohol increases the strain on the liver and also has other negative effects on the body.

This prohormone is a good choice for boys aged 21 years or over. Younger boys and women are however advised to stay away from 1-andro.  Also, men who have had any disease or health issues in the past or are taking any prescription drugs should consult their physician and doctor before taking this prohormone.

*This is best taken at even doses in the morning and evening with meals.
*It should only be taken by individuals over the age of 21.
*Make sure to follow proper dosing indicated on the product label.
**Alcohol consumption must be eliminated, if not controlled when running prohormones.

Possible Side Effects of 1-Andro

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As with any other prohormone, this prohormone contains little to no side effects. Here are some common (but temporary) side effects to watch for:

  • Back pumps
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Headaches
  • Mild hair loss

*For women taking 1-Andro, expect side effects such as deepened vocal cords, broader jawline, and facial hair growth.

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Post-cycle Therapy (PCT)

As we have discussed earlier, 1-andro doesn’t come with a lot of side effects, unlike its prohormone counterparts. However, it is still highly recommended to go through proper post cycle therapy (PCT) after cycling with this bodybuilding supplement.

It also helps you maintain your muscle gains and restores your overall health. As you know, when we run a prohormone, the natural production of hormones in our body gets upset. What a post cycle therapy does is that it restores your body to its natural state thereby leading it to produce hormones at natural levels again. By doing so, it brings your hormones back to natural levels and saves you from the unpleasant side effects that could otherwise turn up.

Where to Buy 1-Andro Online

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Powersupps UK has some of the best 1-andro supplements you can find. To try some for yourself, you can browse our collection when you’re ready to buy 1-andro supplements online.

We have high-quality 1-andro at great prices and fast shipping.

Recommended product: Super 1 Andro Rx by Ironmaglabs

1-Andro Reviews

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GO TO:  What it is  |  Benefits  |  Dosing  |  Side Effects  |  Buy Online  |  Review

From this discussion, it is quite clear that 1-andro is definitely one of the best prohormones available in the market.  It is mild and safer than most of its counterparts which makes it the best choice for beginners and intermediate users. Moreover, it leads to incredible, long-lasting muscle-building and cutting results along with considerable muscle hardness. Another quality that gives it an edge on its counterparts is that it does not convert into estrogen or DHT and thus saves its users from all the harmful side effects associated with those hormones. All these features make 1-andro an all-rounder anabolic prohormone and a must-have for all bodybuilders.


Absolutely! The government barred several compounds in December 2014.  1-Andro was not included on the list of banned substances, so you can buy and use it without any problem.

Yes, you may stack this with almost anything to help enhance your results. The experienced users recommend to stack it wih 4-andro to get optimal results

You will most probably test positive while using 1-Andro during anabolic steroid testing due to the excretion of metabolites from 1-Testosterone. Make sure to speak with the drug administer if you have any worries before taking 1-Androsterone.

Yes, you need to have cycle support and PCT when running 1-Andro to make sure optimal health and avoid unwanted side effects. Supplements to combat hair loss added to your cycle will also help, such as Infinity Hair.

Post cycle therapy is necessary as this assists in repairing natural testosterone production at the end of your cycle. Watch the video below to help you ace your PCT to avoid losing those hard-earned gains.

Yes, but they’re more challenging to find than pills. 1-Andro liquid is micronized and safe to the liver.

It can also be absorbed via creams and sprays, about 200 mg to 300 mg a day.

What makes 1-Andro stand out more than 4-Andro is the difference in the side effects. It does not convert to estrogen, unlike 4-Andro.

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