Dimethandrostenol (D-Nol)

Dimethandrostenol Overview

Chemical Name: 2,17α-dimethyl-17β-hydroxy-5α-androst-2-ene
Other Name(s): D-NOL, Mithras, D1METHADROL, Dimethandrostenol
Half-Life: suggested to be 6-8 hours, depending on individual

 Dimethandrostenol, also known as D-NOL, Mithras and D1METHADROL (depending on the supplier), is a highly anabolic, orally bioavailable prohormone that has the ability to increase lean muscle growth and deliver dry, hardened muscles.

As a prohormone, Dimethandrostenol may prove to deliver similar gains to traditional steroids with fewer side effects. Anecdotal evidence suggests that D-NOL may be one of the best prohormones for bulking available.

Read on for a comprehensive review of everything you need to know about Dimethandrostenol, including benefits, side effects, reviews and results for increasing lean muscle mass and creating a dry, hard physique.

Dimethandrostenol is a prohormone (a term considered by some to be the same as designer steroids) that was created in the 1960s by pharmaceutical company Syntex.

After popular and effective prohormones, including Superdrol, were banned in 2012 by the FDA, researchers discovered older prohormones that had not been initially released.

Enter Dimethandrostenol, a hybrid between Superdrol and Pheraplex, which was brought to market in 2013 as a replacement for Superdrol under the name Mithras. Studies and anecdotal evidence suggests that it may be the most anabolic prohormone on the market, with huge bulking potential on the same scale as its predecessor.

How Dimethandrostenol Works

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Prohormones work as a precursor to natural hormones. Essentially, once ingested, the body turns prohormones into anabolic hormones, including testosterone.

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Initial studies by Syntex compared Dimethandrostenol (and other prohormones including Superdrol and Phera) to Methyltestosterone for anabolic activity.

NB: Methyltestosterone is an androgen and an anabolic steroid that is used to treat low testosterone levels in men. It was used as the benchmark in studies due to its effectiveness and is considered the standard in oral steroids.

The studies showed that Dimethandrostenol had a 5:1 Anabolic effect on testosterone, where Methyltestosterone has a 1:1 ratio (essentially mimicking testosterone and its negative Androgenic effects). This suggests that Dimethandrostenol may create more bulk muscle mass with fewer side effects than traditional steroids.

The Benefits of Dimethandrostenol

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There are 3 key benefits observed in user-reported reviews of Dimethandrostenol.

  1. D-NOL helps increase bulk muscle mass. The key benefit of Dimethandrostenol is its ability to increase muscle mass during a bulking cycle, with plenty of users reporting a significant increase on the scales each week.
  2. D-NOL increases strength and endurance. Want to lift heavier and get stronger every time you hit the gym? Users report breaking their personal best’s when taking Dimethandrostenol during a bulking cycle, as well as increased endurance.
  3. D-NOL has an excellent anabolic effect on testosterone. As outlined above, studies by pharmaceutical company Syntex show that the anabolic to androgen ratio of Dimethandrostenol is 5:1 compared to the standard oral steroid Methyltestosterone, which sits at 1:1.

The higher the anabolic value, the greater the effect on the anabolic effect of the body’s natural testosterone.

Dosing Recommendations

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The standard dosage recommended for Dimethandrostenol as suggested by users is 12mg-18mg per day. Some users report up to 30mg once tolerance has been built, but each individual should work within their own limits.


12mg-18mg mg per day

As an orally bioavailable compound, Dimethandrostenol is available in tablet form.

Current user reviews indicate that it is tolerated for use up to 8 weeks.

Do I need a PCT when taking prohormones?

Yes. Due to the nature of prohormones and their ability to directly affect testosterone, a PCT is highly recommended to help return hormone levels to their baseline state and aid liver recovery. Additionally, a PCT will help preserve muscle gains, prevent fat accumulation, retain strength and maintain mood and motivation. We suggest a PCT of at least 4 weeks using a high-quality PCT product.

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Although great for bulking on its own, Dimethandrostenol can be stacked with other supplements for added benefits tailored to your individual needs.

One suggested stack is Dimethandrostenol, Epistane and Furaza to help balance side effects from benefits.


Dimethandrostenol 20mg
Epistane 30mg
Furaza 600mg

Dimethandrostenol Side Effects

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Liver toxicity

As a member of the 2-methyl group of compounds, Dimethandrostenol may be relatively liver toxic as it resists metabolism.

Back Pumps

Back Pumps is a very common side effect of prohormones, SARM’s and steroids, and is defined by cramping in the lower back during training. Taurine is known to help minimize this side effect.

Back Acne

Some users report back acne (or ‘bacne’) as a side effect of prohormone use. This is actually a good sign, as it means the prohormone is working.

Joint Pain

Some users report joint pain, which may be due to the ability to lift heavier weights and train harder than normal.

Where to Buy Dimethandrostenol Online

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If you want to use Dimethandrostenol in your next cycle and are ready to buy it online, you can purchase it right here at Powersupps UK. To try some for yourself, you can browse our collection when you’re ready to buy dimethandrostenol supplements online.

We have high-quality 1-andro at great prices and fast shipping.

Recommended product: D-NOL by MedFit RX

User Review


Back was excellent, I couldn’t get tired. The pump was awesome; mood was awesome. I’m feeling fuller day by day so well see.

– jakecake


At 15-20mg (Dimethandrostenol) will send your strength through the roof. Just my 2 cents.

– Doinwork

Final Verdict

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If you’re looking to gain bulk muscle mass and enter beast mode, Dimethandrostenol may be the supplement for you. After combing through user reviews, logs and bodybuilding forums, the user reviews for Dimethandrostenol are compelling.

Compared to other legal prohormones, Dimethandrostenol has been reported to deliver results in as little as 4 weeks, although longer cycles of up to 8 weeks are advised for the best results.

The only obvious concern with Dimethandrostenol is the limited studies available. However, anecdotal testimonials from the bodybuilding community are promising.

If you’re looking for increased endurance and stamina, strength and muscle gains, Dimethandrostenol is a great choice for your next cycle.


Some users report seeing results within the first two weeks, although we suggest waiting the full 8-week cycle for full benefits.

Most user-reported reviews suggest taking Dimethandrostenol for 8 weeks before taking a PCT of 4 weeks.

The suggested dosage is 20-30mg per day, although trialing different doses to find your sweet spot is recommended.

Yes. A minimum of 4 weeks Post Cycle Therapy is vital to balance hormones and allow the body to come back down to baseline.

No, Dimethandrostenol will not aromatize to estrogen.

Yes, Dimethandrostenol is legal to purchase from a number of research companies for research purposes. It is not yet sold for human consumption.

There is conflicting information between Dimethandrostenol’s status as a prohormone or as a designer steroid, although the former is the most likely.

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