What is Epistane?

If you’re in the bodybuilding business for quite a time, you’ve most probably already heard about this amazing prohormone. Epistane, also known as Havoc, is a prohormone is widely appreciated for its cutting effects. It dries you out and makes you extremely lean giving you a perfect physical appearance. It is moderately potent and has minimal side effects. In addition to this, it incredibly increases your strength levels making you more energized and pumped. It is counted among the top five prohormones in the bodybuilding world.

We have given this prohormone 5 stars.

If you want to know why read on…

Other names: Epi, Havoc

Chemical name: 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol

Melting point: at 130.7 °C (267.3 °F).

Epistane is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and is commonly used by bodybuilders during their cutting cycles. Its characteristics are quite similar to that of epitiostanol. It is an oral steroid which makes it easier to use as compared to its injectable counterparts. It is also known for increasing lean muscle mass and facilitating protein synthesis in the body. This protein synthesis in turn leads to an increase in strength levels.

Want to know how Epistane works in the body? Here’s how: When Epistane enters the body it binds to the androgen receptors present in skeletal muscle cells and muscle stem cells. After binding, these androgen receptors signal the cells to increase their nitrogen retention and accelerate protein synthesis. This leads to improved muscle mass and strength.

Research shows that this prohormone has anti-estogenic effects and does not usually aromarize. However, it cannot be used as a aromatase inhibitor. .

As we know, high estrogen levels in the body can lead to bloating, water retention, and excess fat gain. You surely want to keep yourself safe from these issues and therefore, Epistane is the best option you’ve got.  Many experienced users compare it with anabolic steroids like Winstrol and Turinabol.

It is due to all these benefits mentioned above that Epistane has gained huge success as a cutting and bulking agent in the bodybuilding world.

Note that Epistane is NOT recommended to be used by females for bodybuilding purposes.

Although Epistane is considered a relatively new addition to the anabolic steroid family, it was actually produced by Japanese scientists in 1966. Back then it was called methepitiostane. It was formulated to combat breast cancer by reducing the estrogen levels in the body.

In addition to having anti-estrogenic properties, Epistane also has strong androgenic and anabolic effects. Its anabolic to androgenic ratio is 1100:91, which shows that its works great for cutting purposes and to put on dry muscles.

But despite these multiple benefits, Epistane did not gain popularity immediately after being produced in 1966. It actually began to gain fame after being reintroduced in 2006 as a dietary supplement. It was produced and sold under the name of Recomp Performance Nutrition as Hemaguno and RPN Havoc.

Since then, this prohormone has become a huge success in the body building world. It is one of the most popular hormones produced till date. It is loved by bodybuilders for the ideal dry gains and cutting effects it provides.

Immediate Benefits of Epistane

Here’s a quick list of benefits that you’re likely to experience when you add Epistane in your arsenal:

  • Epistane is mostly used for cutting purposes. So you can expect that it will cut up all the excess fat you’ve put on. It sheds your body fat rapidly and helps you achieve your cutting goals in a very short time.
  • It does not aromatize. This means that it does not convert into estrogen. Note here that estrogen is the female sex hormone that develops breast, and regulates menstrual and reproductive cycle in females. Thus hormones that convert into estrogen might lead you to issues like gynecomastia i.e. enlarged breasts in men, erectile dysfunction. In serious cases, high estrogen levels in the body can also cause heart diseases and prostate cancer. But you don’t need to worry because with Epistane you’re safe from all this as it does not convert into estrogen.
  • It does not cause excess water retention. One of the greatest benefits of this prohormone is that you won’t have to face a problem of water retention. In fact, while cycling on Epistane, you will reduce water weight and get dry lean gains. Thus, this prohormone works best if you want to gain dry lean mass or if you want to look more ripped.
  • It increases muscle hardness significantly. This is a property that not all anabolic steroids have. Many steroids show significant increases in muscle gains but the ones that lead to muscle hardness along with it are very rare. Epistane is one those very few prohormones that guarantee muscle hardness giving your body a fuller and muscular look.
  • It works best to promote dry and solid lean muscle gains. This is a benefit that is rarely found in anabolic steroids. So if you’re looking for a prohormone that helps you gain “dry muscle” i.e. muscle gain without water retention and unnecessary fat gain, Epistane is the best choice you’ve got. A very common problem that most bodybuilders face is finding a way to identify and measure that how much of the mass they’ve packed up is muscle and how much of it is fat. Sometimes, what happens is that the weight we gain is due to water in our body, and there’s only a small amount of actual muscle. By cycling on Epistane you can keep yourself safe from such risks and ensure that you are gaining dry and hard muscles.
  • It leads to serious strength gains. By shooting up your strength levels it will help you make the most out of your workouts and training sessions. The more energized and pumped you are, the more weights you’re able to lift and harder you’re able to train.

Epistane Dosage

If you’re a first time Epistane user, the recommended dose is 30mg daily. Since this prohormone usually comes in 10mg capsules with an average half-life, you’ll need to dose up three times a day in 7-hour intervals, with the very first one taken upon waking. This cycle should be run for 4 weeks for optimum results.

If you’re an intermediate Epistane user, you can take this prohormone at a daily dose of 40mg. However, the first couple of 10mg capsules should be taken together upon waking. Some experienced users also recommend taking one 10mg pill before hitting the gym. This cycle should be run for 6 weeks for optimum results.

Additionally, if you’re an experienced user, you can take up to 50 to 60mg of Epistane each day for 6 weeks, but make sure you split the doses carefully and get a proper the post cycle therapy or PCT after completing your cycle.

Potential Side Effects of Epistane

The most surprising thing about Epistane is that is does not come with a lot of side effects unlike most of its counterparts. Most of the anabolic steroids cause problems like acne, aggression, and hair loss or hair growth. However, Epistane is free from all such side effects, which makes it a top choice for bodybuilders.

Well, although Epistane is safer than most of the harsh anabolic steroids, it may cause some negative effects like dry joints, mild loss of libido, and slight lethargy. The incidence and intensity of these side effects depend on your sensitivity to this prohormone. Moreover, these effects can be controlled by adding a mild androgen like Stanodrol in your cycle.

It is highly recommended that you use an on-cycle support and joint supplement to control the intensity of these side effects. Remember that having a post cycle therapy is crucial after cycling with Epistane.

A Quick Rundown on an Epistane Cycle

Like all other bodybuilding supplements, maximizing the benefits of Epistane requires following the proper dosage and cycle guide. If you’re planning to cycle with Epistane anytime soon, here’s a guide that you can help you get on the right track and know about the ideal dosage for you.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

All prohormones, no matter how safe, come with certain negative effects that occur with their use. Same is the case with Epistane. Although its side effects are negligible if compared to most of its strong counterparts, the fact that it does have a few side effects cannot be ignored. It is therefore highly important to take an on-cycle support during the cycle and a proper post cycle therapy after the cycle is completed.

Every individual’s body responds differently towards different drugs, whether they are dietary supplements or other drugs. When you take a hormone which is not required by the body, it disturbs your body’s natural hormone levels and also influences endocrine functions including sexual development, body growth, and chemical and physical processes taking place in the body. A proper post cycle therapy ensures that your endocrine functions are normalized.

Entering artificial hormones in your body can have a negative impact on other hormones of the body, including the ones responsible for a person’s emotional stability and mental health. For this reason, a post cycle therapy is extremely important as it brings your body’s hormones back to natural levels.

If you avoid going through a PCT you might end up losing all your gains. This means that all your effort is going to get wasted overtime, and that is something you surely would never want. So make sure that you go through a post cycle therapy and don’t start another Epistane cycle until your health is completely restored.

Epistane Reviews

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Final Verdict

Epistane has anabolic capabilities of producing astonishing cutting effects. In addition, it does not convert to estrogen you can easily gain hard and dry muscle gains with no water retention. Epistane is is mostly compared with the much-talked about prohormones Hexadrone and Halodrol in terms of effectiveness.

The long list of benefits of Epistane along with the fact that its side effects are almost non-existent in comparison to its counterparts, we can surely say that its bodybuilding abilities are phenomenal. Epistane is an all-rounder supplement and can be used as a standalone drug for increasing dry lean muscle mass and strength levels or stacked with other anabolic steroids to further enhance its effectiveness.


Yes, on-cycle support is essential while cycling Epistane. You surely don’t want a damaged liver, do you? Epistane is a mild but methylated prohormone, therefore it can lead to liver toxicity.  We would recommend you to go for an on-cycle support such as Protex by Vital Lab. An on-cycle support like this one will be adequate for Epistane users.

Epistane, by binding with the androgen receptors present in muscle stem cells and skeletal muscle cells, alters the muscle cell function and accelerates protein synthesis. By altering muscle stem cells that fuse with the skeletal muscle cells, it enhances your muscles’ repair and growth ability. In addition, androgens present in the stem cells reduce their ability to produce new fat cells. Due to this, more stem cells convert into muscle cells thereby aiding you in training and nutrition.

Pulse cycling basically means to run a cycle at low doses for the purpose of avoiding any possible side effects, both short and long term.  To understand it better, suppose that you are cycling on Epistane at 30 mg per day and this cycle is 30 days long. You end up building a good 10lbs lean mass but at the same time, you start suffering from achy joints due to high dosage. Now if you choose pulse cycling and start taking 10 mg per day i.e. one-third of the dose you normally take, you will roughly get one-third of results with one-third of side effects as compared to when you took 30 mg. This means that you will gain around 3-4lbs by the end of cycle with negligible or no join pain.  The positive side of pulse cycling is that it allows you to run a longer cycle. In this way, you can build good gains with minimal side effects. Another benefit of pulse cycling is that it helps your body get back to normal quickly and easily, although a post-cycle therapy is still important.

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