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Hexadrone Overview

Hexadrone is a non-methylated, dry, and strong prohormone with an anabolic/androgenic ratio of 300:1.  It promises to increase strength and while choosing the right prohormone to cycle with. In addition to these, there are many other benefits of Hexadrone that are discussed in the next section.

Hexadrone Benefits

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  • It increases strength significantly
  • It adds tons of lean muscle (8-12lbs)
  • It does not convert to estrogen and does not lead to gyno
  • It does not have any serious side effects such as water retention
  • It is safe for the liver.
  • It is an active compound and therefore does not transform when it enters the body.
  • It gives you amazing pumps and a hard look to your muscles.
  • Its anabolic vs. androgenic ratio is strong i.e. 300:1

You need high levels of strength and stamina if you want to lengthen your workouts and train harder. This prohormone will help you with that. Its high anabolic/androgenic ratio shows that it has strong anabolic effects with minimum androgenic effects. This basically means that it adds tons of muscle mass and does not affect androgen levels of your body.  Excess androgen in the body can cause problems like acne, oily skin, and obesity, but you don’t need to worry as this prohormone will keep you safe from all these issues.

Another major benefit is that it does not convert into estrogen.  Note here that estrogen is the hormone primarily responsible for developing secondary sexual characteristics in females. Thus high estrogen levels in the body can lead to enlarged breasts in men. You surely don’t want that, do you?  We know you don’t, therefore we’re introducing this hormone to you.

Proper Dosing of Hexadrone

GO TOWhat it is  |  Benefits  |  Dosing  |  Side Effects  |  Buy Online  |  Review

The recommended dose of Hexadrone is 100 mg per day (in the form of two 50 mg capsules). Its half-life is 10-16 hours, so you can take this 50 mg capsule two times a day.  This prohormone is the right choice for men aged 21 years and over. 

Possible Side Effects

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Hexadrone is identical to harsher androgens such as 4ADD, M1 and Halodrol but it is much milder and its toxicity levels are lower. This is because it is a non-methylated prohormone. It doesn’t really have any negative side effects like many other prohormone compounds but it is still recommended that you undergo PCT (proper cycle therapy) after its use.

Hexadrone is an active compound that does not convert into estrogen. This is a property that reduces its potential to cause any serious side effects.  It is not affected by the aromatase enzyme and therefore is free from any kind of conversion. The aromatase enzyme is basically responsible for estrogen production in the body. It converts testosterone into estrogen thereby reducing testosterone levels and increasing estrogen levels in the body. Testosterones play a vital role in producing anabolic effects and therefore it is important to keep it free from any conversion. This is exactly what Hexadrone does; it keeps testosterone free from conversion.

Hexadrone is known for its safe nature and is one of the key reasons behind its success. However, even the safest pro-hormones have the potential to affect our body’s hormone levels and can cause side-effects like hair loss.

Everybody’s body reacts differently to different drugs whether they are taking prescription drugs or dietary supplements. When a hormone or prohormone enters our body when it isn’t really needed, it not only disrupts our body’s natural hormone levels but also affects endocrine functions like the body’s growth, chemical and physical processes of the body, and sexual development.

It is therefore very important to carefully balance the hormones in our body. High levels of hormones like growth hormone, testosterone, or insulin can negatively affect other hormones. Instability in testosterone levels can influence several activities in the body, including the ones linked to emotional and mental stability.

Cycling with Hexadrone is somewhat safer than its harsh counterparts but a post-cycle therapy is still necessary in order to bring back the body’s hormones to normal levels after the cycle is completed. Restoring natural hormonal levels in the body can take some time. However, the exact time required to restore a person’s health varies across individuals.

It is because the occurrence of side effects also varies across individuals. Some people do not experience any side effects while others are severely influenced by them. Various factors can contribute to the variation in occurrence and intensity of side effects across individuals. These factors include:

  • Body’s endocrine function and metabolic rate.
  • Height vs. weight ratio, as the dosage of drugs, is usually decided on the basis of an individual’s weight.
  • Age – because as we grow older, our body’s metabolism changes.
  • Gender – men metabolize drugs in a different way than women.
  • The overall health of a person – any metabolic or hormonal imbalance can affect the effectiveness of drugs as well as the side effects that come along.
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The Science Behind Hexadrone

Hexadrone contains 6-chloro that acts as an anti-aromatase (i.e. it decreases estrogen) and reduces the negative effects of this compound. Hexadrone is reported to be a cross between compounds Epistane and Aromatase Inhibitor (6 bromo) which makes it milder and less harsh on the system. Due to its mildness, it can be easily stacked with wetter products if you want to cut or bulk up when you’re about to dry out.

Where to Buy Hexadrone

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If you want to use hexadrone in your next cycle and are ready to buy it online, you can purchase it right here at Powersupps UK. To try some for yourself, you can browse our collection when you’re ready to buy hexadrone supplements online.

We have high-quality hexadrone at great prices and fast shipping.

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Final Verdict

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We have to say Hexadrone is one of the mildest and safest prohormones to date. It’s great for building size and improving strength. Given that there are no negative side effects and it’s friendlier on the liver, one can be sure to experience significant benefits without worrying about any health issues. The fact that it can be stacked easily with almost anything makes it even better!

How did Hexadrone help you in building your body? Tell us in the comments below.

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