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Max LMG Overview

If you’re anything like most bodybuilders, you have probably already heard of Max LMG and its ability to help you achieve the gains you’re gunning for in your checklist. But the thing is a lot of people are still quite hesitant to give it a try due to the lack of information on this prohormone.

So if you’re thinking about cycling with Max LMG anytime soon, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We are going to go over all the crucial things you need to know about this compound so you can make an informed decision if it’s really an option you should get your hands on.

Max LMG is basically one of the prohormones that survived the test of time and the pressing demands of bodybuilders and strength athletes. When the influx of over-the-counter steroids began in the late 1990s, several compounds surfaced in the market.

However, many of these disappeared soon after because they did not keep up with the insistent standards of bodybuilders or just weren’t effective enough. You can think of Max LMG as a survivor – and it didn’t pull that off by pure accident, too. This oral steroid packs a punch.

See, Max LMG is a type of prohormone that is derived from progestin, which is a key building block of important steroid hormones in the body like androgens. Its chemical name is 13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-diene-17-one and isn’t as harsh as most of its counterparts because it is not a 17aa steroid, particularly to the liver.

The originators of Max LMG were scientists Herchel Smith and Gordon Alan Hughes, who began research on developing this prohormone in the 1960s by experimenting with the synthesis of 3 alkylated 19 nor-compounds. Their research led to the discovery of norbolethone and other compounds that were aimed at creating the world’s first synthetic contraceptive.

What’s really interesting is all the other compounds that showed anabolic properties during the experiment were passed over. One of these compounds is methoxygonadiene, which was eventually developed into Max LMG in 2005.

How Max LMG Works

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When Max LMG is administered, a metabolite called 13b-ethyl-nor-androstenedione is created in the body. It is then converted into active metabolites when it reaches the bloodstream, which stimulates androgenic effects.

It is basically an oral prohormone that is processed in the liver. Max LMG is a non-methylated prohormone and is thus relatively safer than most of its methylated counterparts. This mild anabolic steroid does not cause any serious damage to the liver and does not have many side effects.

Now that we’ve covered the technical side of things, let’s move on to the benefits that Max LMG can deliver when cycled…

Benefits of Max LMG

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This anabolic prohormone is one of the most effective prohormones available today and comes with a long list of benefits. The major benefits that you’re likely to experience with Max LMG are listed below:

  • Max LMG is deemed by bodybuilders and strength athletes as one of the most effective wet bulking prohormones out there. The prohormones that help in bulking can be tricky. It is quite possible that you end up gaining extra body fat along with muscle gains. However, this is not the case with Max LMG. It optimizes your muscle gains in a way that does not add any extra fat to your body.
  • It considerably increases your strength levels and helps you train harder. Many seasoned steroid users also point out that they have experienced significant strength and size gains when they cycled with this prohormone.
  • It significantly increases your size and muscle gains giving you a more muscular look.
  • Although Max LMG has proven its efficacy when used as a standalone prohormone, it works great when stacked with other anabolic steroids. Veteran users emphasize that its potency goes up a notch when stacked with a methylated prohormone/steroid. Minimum gains after a cycle is usually around 7 to 8 pounds.
  • One benefit of Max LMG which you won’t find in many anabolic steroids is that it does not have any serious estrogenic effects. Note here that estrogen is the hormone that is responsible for the development of female secondary sexual characteristics and can thus lead to many unwanted changes in your body. In addition, high estrogen levels in the body can cause problems like darkening of the skin, loss of scalp hair, freckles, breast pain, and in more severe cases, prostate cancer and heart disease. As Max LMG has reduced estrogenic effects as compared to its counterparts, it will keep you safe from all the above-mentioned issues. Even if any of these issues occur, they will be very mild and won’t cause much trouble. So you can work on your strength and muscle gains without worrying.
  • It does not lead to any estrogenic effects. For those who don’t know, Progestin is an artificially produced hormone having properties similar to progesterone. Progesterone is basically a female sex hormone that, if present at high levels, can lead to unwanted problems in the male body. Progestin, being similar to progesterone, has similar effects. High levels of progestin in the body may cause diarrhea, fluid retention, mood swings, bone fractures, weight gain, fatigue, and sexual dysfunction. However, as Max LMG does not carry out any progestin related activity, it keeps you safe from all such negative effects.

It is also crucial to keep in mind that Max LMG should not be stacked with other progestin-based prohormones or steroids. The half-life of this prohormone is between 8 to 10 hours.

Max LMG Dosing

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Sure we pointed out earlier that Max LMG is not as harsh compared to its counterparts, but not keeping a close eye on your dosage when cycling with this prohormone can still trigger gynecomastia because its toxicity is still higher than a non-ethylated steroid.

According to seasoned steroid users, the ideal dosage of Max LMG is between the ranges of 50 milligrams to 125 milligrams daily, split into two doses. It is also recommended that your cycle should not run more than 6 weeks to avoid experiencing issues like gynecomastia.

Veterans advise starting things off with a low dose then incrementing it per week until you gauge the best one for you. They also suggest taking Max LMG with essential fatty acids (EFA) like fish oil to optimize absorption by the body. It is highly recommended to drink at least 16 ounces of water each day as well. Keep in mind to avoid administering Max LMG before bedtime since it can disrupt your normal sleeping rhythm.

Side Effects

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All anabolic steroids come with negative effects like disturbed cholesterol levels, blood pressure, estrogenic effects, and stress and so on. However, the list of side effects that come with Max LMG isn’t that long. It is not a methylated prohormone and considered less toxic to the liver. This is why the side effects associated with this prohormone are minor and aren’t that serious. So you shouldn’t be worrying much.

Although none of these will be serious or intense, here are a few side effects that you may experience while cycling with Max LMG:

  • For starters, some gains that can be achieved with Max LMG can be lost after a cycle since it can be due to unwanted water retention.
  • Bouts of headaches
  • Flushing and increased aggression
  • Unpredictable libido levels
  • Discomfort in and around the joints
  • Sensitivity in the nipple area
  • Hair shedding
  • Bloating
  • Possible aggravation of gynecomastia.
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On-cycle Support

On-Cycle support is extremely important while cycling with anabolic steroids. Although Max LMG is a non-methylated prohormone and is thus mild on the liver, it may still damage the organ slightly. To avoid any such health issues, it is highly recommended to go for on-cycle support. The support supplements work as life saviors during prohormone cycles as they guard your liver against the damage. They’re also very effective in regulating your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

You might think that you’re healthy and young and therefore skipping on-cycle support won’t cause any serious issue.  Well, if you think that way think again because the toxicity of prohormones hit both the old and the young. The intensity of side effects may differ across individuals, for some they are harsh while for others they’re mild. But they are there anyway and need to be controlled. Max LMG won’t cause any serious damage to your health, but one should always try to avoid even the slightest compromise on his wellbeing. So make sure to take on-cycle support while cycling on this steroid.

Post-cycle Therapy (PCT)

All steroids, no matter how safe, come with negative effects that are likely to occur with their use and Max LMG is no exception. Although it is safer and mild than most of its strong and toxic counterparts, it still does have a few side effects. This prohormone, though not harsh on the liver, can still cause a little strain on the organ. It is therefore highly important to take on-cycle support while using this prohormone and a proper post cycle therapy after the cycle is completed.

Every individual’s body responds differently to different drugs, whether they are dietary supplements or prescription drugs. When you take a hormone that is not required by the body, it disturbs your body’s natural hormone levels and also influences endocrine functions including sexual development, body growth, and chemical and physical processes taking place in the body.

High levels of hormones like insulin, testosterone, estrogen, and growth hormone can have a negative impact on other hormones of the body, including the ones responsible for a person’s emotional stability and mental health. For this reason, a post cycle therapy is extremely important as it brings your body’s hormones back to natural levels.

What a PCT basically does is that it inhibits the production of estrogen, and boosts testosterone production in your body, and in that way brings back your hormones to natural levels.  Estrogen is a female sex hormone that, if present at a high level, may lead to problems like gynecomastia, erectile dysfunction, and in severe cases to heart disease, and prostate cancer. On the other hand, testosterone is a hormone that plays a vital role in bodybuilding. Low levels of testosterone can cause fatigue, erectile dysfunction, low libido, and loss of muscle gains.

Moreover, PCT normalizes your endocrine function and restores your overall health. Thus, by going through a proper post cycle therapy you can reverse all the damage that you’ve caused to your wellbeing.  And most importantly, if you avoid going through a PCT you might end up losing all your gains, and that is definitely something you would never want. So make sure that you go through a post cycle therapy and don’t start another cycle until your health is completely restored.


Where to Buy Max LMG Online

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If you want to use Max LMG in your next cycle and are ready to buy it online, you can purchase it right here at Powersupps UK. To try some for yourself, you can browse our collection when you’re ready to buy max lmg supplements online.

We have high-quality max lmg at great prices and fast shipping.

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Final Verdict

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In this article, we have given you a detailed review of Max LMG. After looking at all the positive and negative impacts of Max LMG, we can surely say that it is one of the safest and most effective prohormones available today. Its advantages significantly outweigh its negative effects. Its non-methylated nature saves its users from compromising their organ health. It provides you with similar benefits as methylated prohormones without the negative side effects that come with them. This anabolic prohormone is a complete package for bodybuilders as it increases strength levels and muscle mass. And it works great for bulking.

Max LMG should definitely be given a try. The promising prohormone will totally transform your outer look real quick.  The veteran users of this prohormone have successfully achieved their dream body goal and you’re likely to experience the same.

However, make sure that you’re taking your doses in the right amount at the right time. Also, it is highly recommended to go for on-cycle support and post-cycle therapy to be on the safe side. And if you have any medical conditions please consult your doctor or physician before cycling on this prohormone.

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