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The 3 Strongest Prohormones of 2020

Prohormones are sports supplements that are commonly used by bodybuilders, athletes or anyone who wants to gain muscle mass fast and increase the strength. Although they are compared to anabolic steroids (which are illegal substances and come with dangerous side effects) prohormones are considered safe and effective. In this article, we are going to talk […]

Guide for Beginners

What are Prohormones? Now while prohormones are relatively new, prohormones like Havoc have gathered quite a loyal following almost immediately after being launched in the market due to their fast-acting results in terms of boosting size, strength, endurance, vascularity, and mass as well as overall affordability. If you’re a bodybuilder looking to give prohormones a […]

The Best Prohormone Stacks to Achieve Your Goal

When it comes to realizing the physique that you’ve always dreamed of, having prohormones in your arsenal is definitely an advantage. These supplements not just offer all the awesome benefits of anabolic steroids when used properly, but they are also completely legal. Akin to their anabolic steroid counterparts, prohormones can also be stacked to maximize […]

Super DMZ 2.0 Causes Liver Problems

Another case study showing a designer steroid called Super DMZ 2.0 by Blackstone Labs causes liver cholestasis.  Ohio State Medical Center doctors choose to simply monitor the patient, and discontinue the supplement causing the issues. I’m going to keep this one pretty short because it’s not the first time, or the last that we will […]