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What is BMS-546929

The struggle of the humans to develop something better is a never-ending struggle. Due to this struggle, the medicine industry is slowly beginning to move towards medicine that is far better than steroids and offer the same benefits. These drugs are under development to be sent to the market but have passed the test phases and have been declared perfectly safe to be used by humans.

BMS-546929 is one of these medicines that have been getting a lot of attention from people all over the world. Since the scientists announced that are going to develop a medicine that eliminates the side effects and offer good results, the people have kept a tab on the updates of the activity. BMS-546929 along with other SARMs will be available in the market soon. Here is everything that you must know if you are hoping to use them.

The development of this drug started with the development of all other SARMs. It was developed by Bristol-Myers Squibb after a lot of effort and struggle. The basic purpose of its development was to fight the signs and risks of osteoporosis, produce better muscles, and increase bone density to keep people moving even when they are old. It was aimed to make the medicine as beneficial as the steroids and avoid their risks as well. After development, it was tested in two phases and both of them were cleared making it possible for the company to move on to the production phase.

Benefits of BMS-546929

Like every drug, BMS-546929 has some benefits to offer to the people taking it. Here are some benefits that you will be interested in knowing.

Proper Muscle Production

It helps to increase the hormones that play an important role in the muscle production. The muscles are produced in a greater number and with increased strength. Moreover, it increases the growth of the lean tissues and muscles as well.

Andropause in Men

There are some aging issues in men that can become the reason for depression and anxiety. Andropause is one of those issues. It normalizes the androgen levels in men to save them depression, low muscle growth, less strength, and other similar issues.

Increased Bone Density

The test results showed that this drug works like a magic to increase the bone density of the people taking it. It increases the production of the hormones to support the muscle production around the bones to help them avoid risk of fractures and other serious injuries. It has been known to fight osteoporosis as well.

Advised Dosage of BMS-546929

It comes in a powdered form and can be taken with any fluid of your choice. Since the product is still going through the production phase, the dosage chart is not available. However, the data of the tests showed that the increased dosage of the drug did not cause any harm and increased the muscle production to give better results.

Side Effects of the Drug

The only known side effect of the product is the enlargement of the prostate glands. However, it can be controlled with the proper and advised usage of the drug. More information about its side effects is still to be shared by the manufacturers.


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