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What is S-40503?

The food that humans consume these days is not sufficient for a healthy life. These food items lack the proper amount of nutrients one should take each day. Moreover, the majority of the medicines offered by various medicine companies come either at a very high rate or have negative effects otherwise.

As a person starts crossing the age of 40, he starts losing a great amount of calcium and other important nutrients. In women, the loss of calcium has been observed to be greater than men. As a result of the loss of calcium, the bones become weak, fractures happen, people can feel pain while moving, and bone issues start appearing.

Before today, there was not much that science could do to help these hurting humans. However, there’s now a SARM that can help bones become strong again, strengthen muscles, and has fewer side effects to deal with. This SARM is known as S-40503. Here is everything that you would be interested to know about this new SARM.

S-40503 belongs to the family of SARMs. SARMs are drugs that are used to control the production of testosterone to make people healthier. This new SARM family member was developed by scientists with the aim to treat muscle wasting and osteoporosis. It was developed by a Japanese company known as Kaken Pharmaceuticals.

In Phase 1, the medicine was tested on animals. This phase showed that the femoral cortical bone’s biochemical strength and bone mineral density was improved. However, the more the medicine the better were the results. In phase 2, it was tested on humans and the results were explained as promising by the scientists. This new invention was stated as successful and the scientists showed an interest in developing it in better shape.

Usage of S-40503:

This drug was developed to strengthen the bones and muscles of aging men and women. Here are some discovered benefits of this drug.

Muscle Strength

The research and the testing phase showed that proper intake of the drug increased the muscle growth and strength over time. The test on the animals and humans showed the same results and was counted in its success. The hormonal production did not only improved muscle growth but made the tissue binding strong to keep the muscles in a proper shape.

Safe for Women

The best feature of this medicine is that it is completely safe for women. Many medicines before were created with men in mind and to fulfill the needs of their body. They were also stated unsafe for women but luckily, women can benefit equally from it.

Fight Back Osteoporosis

It makes the bones of the human stronger by increasing the bone mineral density and strength in general. By making the muscles strong, it helps keep the bones in their proper place to bring down the chances of fracture and risks of falls.

Side Effects of S-40503:

Like all of the SARMS, S-40503 has some risk factors as well. Though it has fewer side effects, it is known to affect the vision and hormone production if used for a long time.

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