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What is VK5211?

VK5211 is an up and coming selective androgen receptor modulator or SARM that promises to boost lean body mass and other benefits that you will find rather interesting. Make sure you read on to find out more.

For starters, VK5211 is a non-steroidal, orally administered SARM that is primarily designed to help patients who have just gone through non-elective hip fracture surgery.

What’s really interesting about this compound is it expedites recovery in these individuals by enhancing the body’s bone mineral density (BMD) and lean body mass (LBM), which also shows potential for use in different settings like fitness and bodybuilding.

VK5211 is undergoing Phase 2 development testing these days. It already went through assessment in the past few months in terms of its efficacy in helping treat cachexia by means of clinical trials involving healthy American volunteers.

How Does VK5211 Work?

VK5211 basically works by acting as an agonist of androgen receptors that trigger anabolic and anti-resorptive activity in the muscles and bones. Medical tests reveal that this highly tissue-selective compound flaunts a therapeutic profile akin to testosterone and also has some positive effects on the sebaceous glands and prostate.

What Brought on the Development of VK5211?

VK5211 is the very first compound ever formulated to treat people who have recently undergone non-elective hip fracture surgery.

Based on its pre-clinical study notes, the development of this SARM was motivated by the steadily rising number of patients suffering from a hip fracture in and around the United States every year. Most of the individuals who go through this health issue are among the elderly, where problems like undernourishment and frailty aren’t uncommon.

This compound was designed to help promote and maintain ideal bone mineral density and lean body mass in these patients. There are also medical test results that show this SARM also has the ability to improve the function of the muscles and bones that were impaired due to hip fracture.

Who Developed VK5211?

Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is recognized as the company that initially started the ball rolling on the development of this compound. However, the biopharmaceutical company Viking Therapeutics, Inc. is taking the reins on the clinical trials for this SARM these days.


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