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Spartan Shield is the ultimate cycle support supplement on the market. Spartan Shield provides liver support, blood pressure support, hormonal optimization, prolactin control, and cortisol reduction.

Are you about to start your prohormone cycle?

Want to maximize your gains without the dangers of gyno-based side effects?

Now you can with Spartan Shield from Spartan Nutrition.

The biggest mistake that you’ll see prohormone newbies make is neglecting the on-cycle support supplement.

I get it: You’re pumped about the incredible mass gains that you’ll be making and you want to show them off. Long before you finish with your prohormone cycle, you need to start protecting those gains.

You need to make sure that you’re supporting your hormone levels as well as your liver function. Ever wonder why you see guys killing it in the gym only to lose those gains a few weeks later on top of showing signs of gyno? It’s because they skipped the on-cycle support.

An On-Cycle supplement is going to contain a number of critical ingredients to help you protect your muscle mass, balance hormone levels, and promote optimal function to the liver. Not all On-Cycle supplements are created equal. If you want an On-Cycle fit for a warrior, you need Spartan Shield from Spartan Nutrition.


  • Promotes healthy and balanced testosterone levels
  • Keeps cortisol levels in check
  • Boosts libido and sex drive
  • Helps to protect and boost liver health
  • Aids the liver in detoxification and the removal of harmful compounds
  • Provides antioxidants that destroy free radicals
  • Enhances energy levels
  • Supports the repair and recovery of muscle tissue
  • Promotes overall cardiovascular health

Protect your next cycle with a shield that protects your hormones fit only for a Spartan!

Spartan Shield by Spartan Nutrition


Is Spartan Shield a product you should consider having in your arsenal anytime soon? Let’s subject it to a meticulous review shortly to get the whole picture.

Zeroing in on the right prohormone to cycle with can be quite challenging. But the thing is, it’s more challenging to find the ideal on-cycle support supplements that should be in your checklist in the process that are necessary to keep you healthy and happy during and after a cycle.

Sparta Nutrition has recently come out with revoultionary products in both of these areas. The first one is Trojan PCT, which is designed to be their ultimate PCT solution. The second one is Spartan Shield that is formulated to keep you safe during the cycle itself.

We decided to take a closer look at Spartan Sheild to find out what kind of ingredients it holds and whether it is really strong enough to protect your body against the might of prohormones.

What’s in Spartan Shield?

One of your main goals during a prohormone cycle should be – by all means – keeping your health in check. Spartan Shield contains a number of ingredients designed to protect your liver, keep your blood pressure in check and regulate the levels of hormones such as cortisol and estrogen while you’re at it. Let’s have a quick rundown of the stuff that’s in this product:

Liver Health Matrix: Many potent prohormones can affect the liver negatively. This is why it’s imperative that you use a product that can truly protect this organ from potential damage during a cycle. Spartan Shield uses a blend of well-known liver-protecting agents, particularly Milk Thistle, Vitamin B and NAC to keep your liver safe. These ingredients have been proven to keep the liver in tiptop shape.

Blood Pressure Support Matrix: Your blood pressure levels can be adversely affected by prohormones. This is why ingredients like Hawthorne Berry Extract, Celery Seed Extract and CoQ10 are added to Spartan Shield. These ingredients are known to protect your cardiovascular health, prevent strokes and stave off major cardiovascular issues.

Prolactin Control: Spartan Shield features Mucuna Pruriens, a compound that promotes the production of Dopamine, which is also known to inhibit the production of prolactin.

Tetrasorb Advanced Delivery Matrix: This is designed to optimize the delivery of ingredients in Spartan Shield, increasing their bioavailability and potency. Moreover, it is also formulated to get the ingredients past the digestive system intact and ready to be absorbed by the body.

Here is the complete supplement label by Sparta Nutrition with all the ingredients and their doses:

Does It Work?

This supplement carries a very symbolic name as the entire premise of all Sparta Nutrition products focuses around the mighty Spartan warriors. With their shields being their best protection against any attack, Spartan Shield is meant to be your ultimate protection against the side effects that can be set off by prohormones.

Containing some of the finest on-cycle support ingredients out there in solid doses, Spartan Shield does have a lot of promise. While it is hard to tell the exact effects of an on-cycle support supplement, the sure thing is that Spartan Shield is a very potent formula when it comes to liver protection and hormonal balancing.

The powerful delivery system in it gives additional potency to the ingredients, making them stronger in terms of effects and more biovailable in the process. What would normally take several on-cycle support products and probably way more money now comes in a single fairly cheap supplement.

How Do I Take It?

Take two (2) capsules two times per day with meals. Do not exceed four capsules daily. Do not take if you are under the age of 18 or if you are being treated for any medical condition without consulting your physician. You can use Spartan Shield during a prohormone cycle using Spartan Lean and follow it all up with Trojan PCT.

The Bottom Line

While it is too early to draw any conclusions, the fact is Spartan Shield is one of the more complete on-cycle support products that promises to truly take care of your body while running prohormones and keep you safe from nasty side effects.

Most of the ingredients in Spartan Shield are nothing new, but the unique combination of the compounds in one formula makes for quite a revolutionary product. And with its special delivery system, the ingredients get where they’re needed as soon as you load up on it.

Q & A

Can I use Spartan Shield as a PCT?

  • You could use Spartan Shield as a PCT but it is more recommended to use a supplement that has been designed specifically as a PCT. Trojan PCT from Spartan Nutrition is a great example.

Should I take Spartan Shield with another supplement?

  • It’s not required but you may want to consider stacking Spartan Shield with a high quality ZMA supplement.



Milk Thistle: Herbal remedy that is ideal for supporting a healthy liver following a prohormone cycle as it promotes the efficient removal of toxins.

Hawthorn Berry Extract: Along with Milk Thistle, this berry extract is excellent at helping the body rid itself of harmful waste products and toxins that are associated with a prohormone cycle. This is especially useful if you used a methylated prohormone.

Mucuna Pruriens: This legume extract is found in many testosterone boosters as it can help enhance t-levels while boosting your sex drive.

CoQ10: Very popular co-enzyme that contains powerful anti-oxidants. It helps to boost your natural energy levels as well as your cardio health following a cycle. (1-4)

Train like a Spartan warrior and shield your body with Spartan Shield from Spartan Nutrition.


“Spartan Shield is one of the more complete on-cycle support products that promises to truly take care of your body while running prohormones and keep you safe from nasty side effects. Most of the ingredients in Spartan Shield are nothing new, but the unique combination of the compounds in one formula makes for quite a revolutionary product. And with its special delivery system, the ingredients get where they’re needed as soon as you load up on it.”.


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