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Review Summary:

It promises the utmost utilization and promotion of Epi-Andro on the body. Epi-Andro, as PH with weak androgenic activity, specifically helps the body increase neurological efficiency (increased strength).

When it comes to prohormones, Epiandrosterone is one of the most popular and known compounds out there. The hormone is naturally occurring in most mammals and was first synthesized back in 1938 by a Croatian scientist Leopold Ruzicka, who won the Nobel prize for chemistry.

Epi-Andro as it is popularly called is not very potent in itself, but once it is taken orally by humans, it will convert to DHT, the powerful androgen hormone that will make all the difference for your physique. The resulting hormone is more powerful than Testosterone or most other hormones in our body, and it will emphasize all the male characteristics, without the chance of aromatising to Estrogen.

Olympus Labs, the well-known supplement manufacturer is proud to present their version of the pro hormone, Sup3r Epi Elite, which they consider to be the most powerful Epi-Andro supplement out there. Once taken orally the product converts to DHT and promises:

  • Zero liver toxicity
  • No Estrogen conversion
  • No joint pains
  • Increased aggression
  • Increased strength
  • Greater muscle density
  • More energy
  • No water retention
  • Excellent for both cutting and stacking
Sup3r Epi Elite Supplement Facts

Sup3r Epi Elite Supplement Facts

How Does It Work?

As I said Epi-Andro is not that potent in itself. Like other prohormones, its role is to come into your system and influenced by a number of enzymes convert into a more potent hormone. In this particular case, Epi-Andro will use one of two different ways to convert into DHT, a very powerful androgenic hormone.

While Testosterone promoting prohormones tend to have way more anabolic effects, DHT that will come as a product of using Sup3r Epi Elite will influence your brain more than your muscles. It will improve neurological function and give you more strength, which will in turn enable you to lift more weight and higher resistance to the physical and mental stress that comes from lifting them, as well as improve your sexual function.

The results of Epi-Andro have been well documented in the past, and it is clear that this prohormone does indeed work whether you are trying to build more muscle or shape it up, as it will simply give you more strength to do whatever it is you wish to do in the gym.

How To Take It

The product comes in a container of 120 capsules. A traditional serving is one capsule, and no more than three capsules should be taken per day by anyone. Product should not be used by persons under the age of 21.

What About The Side Effects?

To start things off, it is important to say that many prohormones are very liver toxic, which is why they must be taken in combination with a liver supporting agent. Epi-Andro based prohormones, however, do not, because the hormone is not liver toxic and it will not damage your liver in any way.

Furthermore, the prohormones that promote the creation of Testosterone for instance are very susceptible to aromatization, the process of converting into Estrogen. Estrogen is of course the exact opposite of what you want, being the female sex hormone and it will reduce any kind of results you are trying to achieve in both muscle building and libido departments. Once again, Epi-Andro and the resulting DHT are not prone to converting to estrogen, so this is another upside.

Olympus Labs are also promising that Sup3r Epi Elite does not promote dry joints and actually supports them, but after some review, it seems that with some individuals sore and dry joints may occur. While this is nothing major, it may be a side effect.

Other possible side effects people have reported include increased overall aggression outside of the gym, and mood swings, including severe depression in some cases, especially during the post cycle treatment, hair loss in those prone to it as well as occasional headaches for some people. But all good things come with a cost, and this product will allow you to gain a lot and face only some lesser side effects and only in some cases.

Has It Worked For Others?

Here is what people are saying about the Sup3r Epi Elite:

I’m very happy with these results. I was sleeping like a rock; getting 6-8 hours of quality sleep every night waking up fresh. Even though I slept great it didn’t show up in the gym or work with a ton of energy. I didn’t feel like lifting but the weights always seemed light. My recovery was insane, I was lifting in the 80-95% range on all of my lifts and killing it with minimal soreness or DOMS.

Great product!!!! Helped me lean up big time while keeping my mass and intensity in the gym ESPECIALLY with lower calories!!!||Will use again!!!


Sup3r Epi Elite is an excellent DHT converting prohormone that will influence your mental function to give you more strength and sexual drive and allow you to bulk up and cut all at maximum intensity. I would personally highly recommend this product as it has shown results time and time again and it comes at a very reasonable price in our store.