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The 3 Strongest Prohormones of 2020

Prohormones are sports supplements that are commonly used by bodybuilders, athletes or anyone who wants to gain muscle mass fast and increase the strength. Although they are compared to anabolic steroids (which are illegal substances and come with dangerous side effects) prohormones are considered safe and effective.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 3 strongest prohormones of 2020.


This is a non-methylated prohormone that converts to 1-testosterone. It is much safer than regular prohormones and doesn’t have harsh side effects on the body like liver toxicity or water retention.

1-Testosterone is stronger than testosterone and doesn’t convert to estrogen or DHT. You can use it even if you are a beginner.

1-Andro will bring results after the second week of taking it and some benefits that you will notice are rapid fat loss, more energy and strength, increased performance in the gym, and Eileen masking of about 5 to 10 pounds in four to six weeks. You will also notice an increase in your stamina and an accelerated workout recovery period.

4-Andro (DHEA)

This prohormone converts to androstenedione, then to androstenediol and finally to testosterone. It can be used both as a cutting steroid or bulking prohormone. Testosterone is the most important androgen.

4-Andro is a prohormone that is a non-methylated hormone which means that it is a safer option than other types of prohormones and doesn’t have dangerous side effects.

You will start to notice the results within a few days of starting to take it. It helps to increase the levels of testosterone which is going to help you improve the strength and have a better performance when working out.

A cycle with 4 andro can last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. The ideal dosage is between 100 mg and 150 mg. 4-Andro and 1-Andro work perfectly together. They complement each other.

Some benefits that you will experience while taking 4-andro are:

Enhanced muscle recovery and a better performance when working out. You will notice weights increasing and more energy. Faster muscle mass gain.Improved concentration levels.Better sleep quality.Improved vascularity.


It is a precursor of testosterone and estradiol. Once we start taking this prohormone it will convert to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a male sex hormone that has an important role in building muscle mass and strength. It naturally occurs in mammal and humans. You can buy it over the counter.

This prohormone does not have the dangerous effects of other steroids like developing too many estrogens or causing estrogen to aromatize which is one of the main causes of gynecomastia (an endocrine disorder in which man develop excessive tissue in the male breasts.

DHT is considered a better muscle builder than testosterone, those who take epiandrosterone will notice these benefits:

You will burn fat easier, your body will hardly store fat and it will become easier to burn. Your percentage of fat is going to decrease. It will improve your overall performance, you will notice weights increasing each week. You will experience the faster building of muscle mass. You can expect to gain anywhere from 10 to 15lbs while taking this prohormone. An increase in the libido.

The cycles of this supplement last around 2 to 6 weeks. Make sure to don’t take more than the recommended dosage.


Prohormones are powerful supplements that can help you to reach your weight goal and desired physical condition. They are considered safe and don’t have dangerous side effects for your health. The prohormones that we recently discussed here are the strongest and most effective ones. Please keep in mind that in order to notice beneficial results of these supplements you need to have a healthy diet, exercise and don’t exceed the ideal dosage recommended by your doctor.


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