Super Nor Andro RX


Most of the time, prohormone supplements are made mainly for men. Unfair isn’t it? But not anymore. Here comes another product from the known IronMag Labs – Super Nor Andro RX. This powerful anabolic prohormone is safe for both men and women. It promotes fat control, prohibits estrogen conversion, and boosts muscle build. But not just muscle build, but lean muscle build.

It is composed mainly of 19 Nor DHEA (aka Decasterone), a chemical component that greatly reduces the side-effects that can be brought about by DHT such as prostate issues, baldness and as well as estrogen related issues such as gynecomastia.

Although, as detailed above, Super Nor Andro RX shows that it is safe to use and has minimal to zero side effects, it is only advised to be used by healthy 21-years olds and above. It is of course, not for the use of expectant mothers.


  • Compounds: 19 Nor DHEA, Decasterone
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