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Epicatechin Overview GO TO:  What it is  |  Benefits  |  Dosing  |  Side Effects  | Epicatechin is a flavonol belonging to the group of flavonoids. Epicatechin is a bioactive compound classed as a flavonol, a plant-based phytochemical which is found in a number of foods in trace amounts, including green tea and most famously, dark […]


4-Andro Overview 4-Andro, aka 4-Androsterone, is a powerful compound that converts into testosterone (which is the place of origin of all gains) once broken down by the liver. If you want to increase your gains and size, 4-Andro can deliver those kinds of results. Let’s take a closer look at 4-Andro to know what it […]


1-Andro Overview For anyone who wants a solid, aesthetic physique and is looking to push past their normal limit, 1-Andro is one muscle-building game changer. This detailed guide will help you know more about it and why it’s such a must-have product! 1-Andro (Aka 1 DHEA or 1-Androsterone) is a non-methylated prohormone whose primary metabolite […]

Methyl 1 Alpha (Methyl 1 AD)

Methyl 1 Alpha Overview Methyl 1 Alpha is a prohormone that was introduced in the market after the launch of Alpha One prohormone by Competitive Edge Labs. Methyl 1 Alpha is commonly called Methyl 1 AD because they contain Methyl-1-Etiocholenolol-Epietiocholanolone. This is the active compound of Methyl 1 AD and converts into Methyl 1 Testosterone […]


Laxogenin, also known as 5-alpha hydroxy Laxogenin or 5a hydroxy Laxogenin, a compound that belongs to a group of compounds called brassinosteroids. It’s a plant steroid that has the same structure as of ecdysterone, also an effective muscle builder that is derived from plants. Studies have shown that the anabolic properties of Laxogenin are same […]


What is Trenavar? There are high chances that Trenavar is among the list of prohormones that you’re considering to cycle with to realize your strength, mass, and size gain goals. It is an extremely strong and powerful steroid which is said to be five times more anabolic and androgenic compared to testosterone. It is known […]

Delta, 2-androstenone

What is Delta, 2-androstenone Delta, 2-androstenone, also known as Delta-2  is a famous human growth hormone (HGH) supplement which works as a performance-enhancing drug (PED). It has recently gained plenty of spotlight in the sports nutrition industry. Here’s all you have to know about Delta-2…. Delta, 2-androstenone has been around since 2007. It is known […]

Epi-Andro (Epiandrosterone)

Epi-Andro Overview Reach your goals this 2016 with the help of Epi-Andro or Epiandrosterone, a non-methylated anabolic compound that alters into the natural male hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) or Stanolone. It is a prohormone that is safe for the liver, and when used as a dry compound, you will experience lean muscle gains while increasing fat […]

11-Oxo (11-Ketotestosterone)

11-OXO Overview If you weren’t already aware, 11-OXO is one type of prohormone that’s making a name for itself in the bodybuilding world these days for its rather unique ability: it is said to help stop aging, particularly in terms of staving off muscle wasting. 11-OXO is naturally produced in the adrenal glands and is […]


GO TO:  What it is  |  Benefits  |  Dosing  |  Side Effects  | Review  |  Buy it Online 19 NOR DHEA is a lesser known form of DHEA that converts into Nandrolone – also known as Deca-Durabolin or “Deca” – when it gets metabolized and broken down by the liver. Nandrolone is perhaps one of […]